Xu Dongdong’s chest sex lingerie

Xu Dongdong’s chest sex lingerie

Delogenic underwear is a sexy, passionate underwear, which is favored by more and more women.Xu Dongdong is a well -known person in the sex underwear circle, and her love lingerie is highly sought after.Let ’s take a look at Xu Dongdong’ s breasts.

brand introduction

Xu Dongdong is a professional sexy underwear brand. It is characterized by uniquely designed, sexy and bold but elegant, and is loved by female friends.Xu Dongdong’s chest and sexy underwear pays great attention to both design and quality, and to create a heart -made and fashionable underwear for women.

Style classification

Xu Dongdong’s breasts and lingerie are mainly divided into the following styles:

Lace model: Created with lace fabrics, breathable, light, soft, sexy and generous.

Chest sticker: The close -up design on the chest helps to highlight the chest curve.

Bonders: Using a variety of elements such as bandage and lace to outline the perfect body curve of women, full of teasing.

Stockings: Blend under underwear and stockings together to add more temptation.

For people

Xu Dongdong’s chest love underwear is suitable for women who like sexy underwear, especially suitable for women with well -proportioned and full breasts.However, women should also choose the style and size that suits them according to their own body characteristics when wearing breasts.

Method of dressing

Pay attention to the following aspects of wearing breasts:

Choose the right size: Make sure the size of the lingerie cup is matched with the chest size to avoid being unable to wear or too tight.

Correct lace: The band of the underwear cannot be too tight or loose, and adjust the appropriate looseness according to your own size.

With decompression method: After putting on underwear, you can use buckle unlock to adjust and perfectly set off your chest.


The exquisite fabrics of the breasts of the breasts require special cleaning and maintenance methods:

Hand washing: It is best to wash under underwear and not clean it with a washing machine, otherwise the fabric will be deformed or torn.

Drying: Do not use the underwear, do not use a dryer, otherwise the underwear will deform or shrink.

Category storage: Underwear is best stored separately to avoid damage caused by friction with other clothes.

Price range

The price of Xu Dongdong’s breasts ranging from 100 yuan to 500 yuan is different, which are different depending on the different styles, fabrics and techniques.But compared to the sexy underwear of other brands, Xu Dongdong’s underwear is relatively high in cost -effective.


Before buying Xu Dongdong’s breasts and sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the following suggestions:

Determine your own body characteristics and choose the style and size suitable for your body.

Try to buy at a regular sexy underwear shop to ensure quality and after -sales service.

Pay attention to the price and quality, choose the product that is cost -effective and suitable for your own.

branded advantages

Xu Dongdong’s breasts and lingerie have the following brand advantages:

Unique design style, both sexy and fashionable.

The fabrics and crafts are good, focusing on details and comfort.

Moderate price and high cost.

Therefore, if you are a woman who is pursuing sexy and fashionable underwear, you may wish to choose Xu Dongdong’s chest and sexy underwear to enjoy a different kind of sexy charm!

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