Xu Lu’s Wonderful Underwear Picture

Xu Lu’s Wonderful Underwear Disciplinary

Xu Lu is a young and vibrant female artist, and her dress style also exudes youthful vitality.Not long ago, a group of photos of her trials at home flowing out of the sex underwear flowed out, causing heated discussion among the public.Here is the style and style of her sexy underwear.

Sexy perspective model

Xu Lu has two photos, one wearing a transparent lace floral lingerie, and the other is lace perspective corset.These two sexy underwear are traditional sexy classic models. The clever perspective and lace decoration add some mystery, which makes people involuntarily imagine the sexual emotional context.

Fresh lace model

Xu Lu wore a fresh white lace sexy underwear in another photo, with lace triple sleeves and small bows to create a playful and cute atmosphere.

Exquisite details

Xu Lu is also wearing a black details and exquisite underwear. This sexy underwear is very delicate. Black lotus leaf edge, lace lace and metal ring buckle constitute a unique shape, showing sexy and fashionable.

Solid color set model

In another photo, Xu Lu was wearing a gray sexy underwear suit. The top was decorated with a large area of lace lace. The lower shirt was the abdominal leggings, showing the exquisite and simple of the solid color style.

Noble and elegant

Xu Lu also had a picture of elegant style. She wore a black sexy underwear full of velvet flowers, overflowing a strong retro atmosphere, which looked noble and pleasant.

Sexy patent leather model

In another photo, Xu Lu wore a black patent leather sexy underwear, showing mystery and sexy atmosphere.The texture of the patent leather is very shiny, exuding the temptation of being chilling.

Underwear matching style

Xu Lu not only pays attention to the selection of sexy underwear style, but also has a unique style.She prefers to match sexy underwear with loose sports pants or wear loose jackets outside to create a sexy and casual sense of fashion.

Suggestion of sex underwear

Wearing sexy underwear can not only make a sexy atmosphere, but also add confidence, but you need to choose according to your body and temperament when choosing a sexy underwear.For women with thin body, you can choose lace perspective styles to make you look more curvy; for women with plump figures, you can choose to add some underwear designed underwear to improve self -confidence.


Xu Lu’s erotic lingerie map makes people shine, and also confirms that sexy underwear can be a combination of sexy and fashionable, and through the appropriate style and matching, it can show the sexy femininity of women.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must not only consider the appearance and wear effect, but also choose according to your body and temperament, so as to exert the best results.

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