Yixun underwear model Shu Yueying


Yichao underwear is a professional sexy underwear brand with multiple sexy models.Today, we will introduce a attractive Iraqi 内 model -Shu Yueying.

personal information

Shu Yueying was born in Chongqing, China in 1992.In 2012, she participated in the 7th China International Model Contest and won the "Best Curve Award".After that, she started her model career.

Become an Irson Underwear Model

Shu Yueying has been a model for Yixun underwear since 2015 and has become one of the spokespersons of the brand.In brand activities, she showed her sexy charm and attracted the attention of many fans.

Endorsement series

Iraqi Underwear mainly produces various sexy, interesting, and adult underwear, including but not limited to lace hollow jackets, 3D three -dimensional gathered bra, and necklace hollow dresses.As the spokesperson of Iraqi Underwear, Shu Yueying showed a variety of exquisite products brand and attracted a lot of fans to buy.

Sexy style

As a sexy underwear model, Shu Yueying showed his unique sexy style.She is good at matching various underwear into different styles, leaving a deep impression on the audience.

Healthy body

The models of Yichao underwear are pursuing a healthy and perfect figure.Shu Yueying kept her figure through sports and diet management, and her perfect curve stunning countless fans.

Charitable activities

As a model, Shu Yueying also actively participated in various social public welfare activities, such as shooting advertisements on environmental protection and health, promoting love, and giving back to the society.

Popular social media account

Shu Yueying is also very popular in social media.She has a large number of fans on the global social media platforms such as INS, Weibo, and Xiaohongshu to show her own life and charm in her own way.

Future Outlook

As a spokesperson and model of Iraqi Underwear, Shu Yueying has attracted the attention of fans and media around the world.She will continue to promote the brand in the future and continue to move towards higher goals.

Point of view

As the spokesperson for Iraqi Underwear, Shu Yueying not only achieved great success in the model field, but also showed a positive role in social welfare.The beauty and talent she showed inspired more people to pursue their dreams.

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