Young women wearing open stalls sex lingerie live broadcast

Opening remark

Recently, many young women wearing sexy underwear on the Internet have aroused widespread attention and heated discussion.One of the particularly noticeable sexy underwear is the sexy lingerie.So, what is the sexy underwear, why is it so attractive?Let’s take a look at it together.

Fairy underwear

Open sexy underwear is a sexy, tempting underwear. It is characterized by an open design in the lower part, which can be convenient to wear people to perform sexual behavior.Most of this underwear is made of satin, lace, transparent grid cloth, etc., with red, black, white, etc.Because it is impossible to cover up women’s private parts, it will appear very sexy if it is paired with clothes, and it can meet the needs of interest and sex.

suitable occasion

Open sexy underwear is suitable for wearing in private occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, Wedding Night, Birthday Party, Special Festival, etc.In addition, women can also wear in the bedroom and home, playing with sex toys to make sex life more interesting.

Rich style

The style of the sexy underwear is very rich, with various designs.For example, there are lace lace models, lace bows, sexy hollow models, purple transparent models, etc.Each design can meet the needs of different women.

Size problem

The first point of wearing underwear is the right size.For the opening and fun underwear, the size needs to be accurately selected.If the size is inappropriate, it will not only affect the wearable effect, but also cause damage to the body.

Matching skills

Although the sexy underwear is sexy and seductive, it is easy to make people feel vulgar if it is improper.It is recommended that you can use sex accessories such as lacestock socks, high heels, lace eye masks, or a long shirt and sweater to make people feel sexy and elegant.

Maintenance method

Open -file sexy underwear is a relatively special underwear that requires special maintenance methods.Under normal circumstances, it is best to do dry or hand -wash to avoid machine washing and exposure, so as not to affect the quality of the underwear or deform it.

Price factor

Various styles of opening and sexy underwear are different. Generally, the price of a sexy underwear ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. The specific price depends on materials, styles, brands, etc.


When women wear sexy underwear, they must not only pay attention to the choice of size, but also need to pay attention to some details.For example, pay attention to hygiene, replace underwear in time, and avoid infected with germs.In addition, it is best to take off your underwear while sleeping to get a good rest.

Point of view

Open sexy underwear is a very tempting underwear. Although it has certain limitations, it can become an effective tool for enhancing interest and satisfaction in appropriate occasions.Of course, excessive pursuit of sexy and temptation can also lead to bad consequences. Female friends should pay attention to the methods and precautions used.

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