Zhejiang sexy underwear trademark transfer

Background introduction

As one of the main gatherings of China’s sexy underwear industry, Zhejiang has a very complete industrial chain. It has developed well in many links such as sex underwear brands, design, production, packaging, and marketing.Recently, a sexy underwear brand announced its trademark transfer, which has aroused widespread attention in the industry.

A brand overview

This is a sexy underwear brand with a history of more than 10 years. With its unique design style, high -quality fabric and complete size specifications, it has been sought after by a large number of consumers.Its main products include sexual erotic lingerie, adult erotic lingerie and other series.

Cause of trademark transfer

It is understood that this sexy underwear brand has decided to transfer its trademark due to funding and management.The two parties have negotiated on the rights and interests of trademarks, trademarks and transfer prices, and finally decided to transfer the trademark to a strong sexy underwear brand.

Buyer company introduction

This sexy underwear brand is a brand that has a high reputation in China, has been operating for many years, and has achieved a lot of achievements in the market.The brand is loved by consumers with a high -quality and fashionable image and has a broad market prospect.

Transaction Details

According to reports, the amount of trademark transfer transactions was as high as RMB 5 million, including trademark rights, trademark use and transfer price.After the transfer, the buyer company will obtain its trademark rights and has the right to enjoy the popularity and reputation of the brand under the name of the trademark in the future.

Transaction effect

The impact of this transaction on the sex underwear industry cannot be ignored.On the one hand, after the transfer, this sexy underwear brand will no longer be active in the market, and consumers’ choice will shrink significantly.On the other hand, the buyer will gain more advantages in increasing its own marketing and packaging, and it will also bring a certain role in promoting the development of the industry.

Industry evaluation

In response to this trademark transfer, industry insiders have expressed their views.Some people think that although this transfer is a bit regrettable for this sexy underwear brand, it has brought more development opportunities to the buyer’s company; some people believe that the transaction reflects the fierce competition in the market and exposes China to ChinaThe shortcomings of sexy underwear brands in marketing and brand promotion.

Market outlook

Regardless of which brand, trademarks are one of the most important part of its brand building.The emergence of this market transaction reflects to a certain extent that the sex underwear industry is in a period of rapid change.For future sexy underwear brands, you need to think about how to develop your own brand image steadily in order to get greater development opportunities in fierce market competition.

Summary and suggestions

Trademark transfer is a microcosm of the development of the sex underwear industry.Interesting underwear brands must steadily develop brand image, strengthen marketing, and increase brand awareness and reputation, so as to be invincible in fierce market competition.

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