American erotic underwear HD picture Daquan

American erotic underwear HD picture Daquan

American erotic underwear HD picture Daquan

1. Corset type

The corset is the most popular type in sexy underwear.They have many different types, including full cups, half cups, no cups, etc.The whole cup corset will cover the entire chest, and the half cup will only cover a part.A cupless corset will not cover the breasts, suitable for brave women.These corsets can be paired with different pants or skirts to increase fashion.

2. Leave pants type

The type of bottom pants is also a problem that many people care about in sex underwear. There are many types of underwear, including pantyhose, C pants, thongs and overall pants.Pantyhose stretches from the legs to the waist. C -shaped pants and thong pants are suitable for women who want to show curve.The overall pants are suitable for women who need to cover the lower body.

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3. Material selection

There are many types of materials in sex underwear.The most common materials are silk, lace and cotton.Silk is shiny, lace is soft, and cotton is breathable.You can choose underwear of different materials to adapt to different seasons.

4. Pajamas type

Interest underwear also includes pajamas.The types of pajamas include long, short, suspenders, tulle and so on.If you want soft and comfortable pajamas, it is recommended to choose high -quality cotton pajamas.If you want a fashionable pajamas, you can choose pajamas such as beads, sequins, red ribbons.

5. Accessories

Sex underwear can be paired with different accessories to increase fashion.For example, you can choose to wear necklaces, bracelets or rings.These accessories can be matched with underwear colors or materials to increase your sense of fashion.

6. Thickness problem

The thickness of sexy underwear is a problem that needs to be considered.If you want to reveal the curve, you need to choose some thin materials.If you want to better control your body shape, it is recommended to use the sexy underwear of thick materials.

7. Sexuality issues

Sexy Lingerie

The sexy degree of sexy underwear is also very important.Some erotic underwear uses transparent materials and exposed some busts, which can highlight the sexy of women.At the same time, there are some more conservative designs, suitable for women who are not familiar with sexy underwear.

8. Color and fashion trend

The color of sexy underwear is also a problem that needs to be considered.Colors like red, black and white are the most popular colors.In addition, purple and pink are also popular colors.Fashion trends will change. You can pay attention to the latest style trend to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

9. Size selection

It is very important to choose the sexy underwear with the right size.In particular, the size of the bra needs special attention, because if the size is not appropriate, it will affect the health of women.Therefore, it is recommended to measure your size correctly when choosing a sexy underwear and choose the right underwear.

10. High -quality brand recommendation

Brand selection is also one of the factors that affect the quality of underwear.Some well -known brands, such as Victoria’ssecret, Aerie, Laperla, etc., all provide high -quality sexy lingerie.If you are not sure if the brand you choose is reliable, you can choose these well -known brands to get the best experience.


Interest underwear makes women more confident and enhance their charm.However, there are many factors to choose the right sexy underwear.When selecting sexy underwear, you need to consider the type of corset, the type of the bottom pants, the material selection, the type of pajamas, the accessories of the accessories, the thickness, the sexyness, the color and the trend of popularity.Through the correct choice, women can choose the most suitable sex underwear for themselves to make themselves more beautiful, confident and moving.