Husband during pregnancy requires sexy underwear

Husband during pregnancy requires sexy underwear

Husband during pregnancy requires sexy underwear

When the baby is coming, there are always many issues that need to be paid attention to. During pregnancy, wearing underwear naturally has become one of the topics that everyone is concerned about.However, a prospective dad made an unusual request: asking his wife to change to some sexy sexy underwear.So, what should expectant mothers think of this requirement during pregnancy?Below, we analyze this topic from multiple angles.

The necessity of wearing underwear

In this topic, we still need to talk about the importance of underwear during pregnancy.Wearing a suitable underwear can provide sufficient support for the breast while avoiding the stimulation of external forces, thereby avoiding unnecessary problems.

The advantages of sexy underwear

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There is a big difference between sexy underwear and traditional underwear.They are designed more for visual enjoyment, not for support and protection.Of course, this is also different from person to person, not everyone likes it.However, wearing sexy underwear may make you feel more confident and comfortable.

Character change during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the figure of expectant mothers will change.The breasts will become larger and the figure may become fuller.At this time, wearing a sexy underwear may make your figure more sexy and attractive.

Selection of sex underwear

Of course, if you really want to try some sexy underwear, you also need to choose according to your actual situation.In terms of style, it is best for you.At the same time, be cautious in terms of material and comfort.Choosing the right underwear can make you feel more comfortable during pregnancy.

Baby’s health

For expectant mothers during pregnancy, pregnancy health care is the most important.If your husband really wants you to wear sexy underwear, you can discuss whether you need to choose the safer and healthy option for your baby.

Respect personal choice

During pregnancy, the body and mood of expectant mothers need to take special care.If you feel that wearing a sexy underwear will make yourself feel happier and confident, then this is also respect and care for yourself.At the same time, if you feel that this is not suitable for you, then your husband is also important to tell your husband.

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Husband’s idea

For many men, sexy underwear is a very special topic.We also need to think from their perspective.If his requirements are not too much, and at the same time, he can also reflect his love and concern for you, then you can also consider satisfying his wishes.


Wearing sexy underwear or not worn, this is just a very personal choice.No matter what your options are, what is important is to maintain your mood and health, and at the same time, the external opinions should not affect your choice.