Interesting underwear is 200 pounds and fat is 200 kilograms

H2 sex lingerie large size is 200 pounds: wearing beauty and self -confidence

W, whether it is a fat woman or a large size woman, it can also wear beauty and confidence, because there are sexy underwear that suits them.

H2 finds the underwear size that suits you

Before choosing a sexy underwear, you must first measure the size of your bust, waist, and hips, so that you can choose the appropriate underwear size. Do not choose the size at will to affect the entire dressing effect.

H2 large size sexy underwear options

P for large size women, choosing large -size sexy underwear also needs to pay attention to the characteristics of their bodies.When choosing a style, you can choose the right underwear according to the advantages of your body. For example, you can choose deep V -neck, lace jade foot, etc. in full breasts to highlight your advantages.

H2 uses color to modify the figure

P color can play a great role in body shape. For example, black can make people thin, and white will have a prominent effect.For large -size women, when choosing the color of sexy underwear, pay attention to choosing a bright color series underwear to increase your temperament.

H2 material selection

P for large size women, it is important to pay attention to materials.Choosing the fabric’s soft, close -fitting, and highly comfortable sexy underwear can ensure comfort and avoid local support.

H2 underwear style choice

P sex lingerie style can be selected according to your preference.Large -size women can choose vest, lace, loose equivalent styles to set off their body characteristics.

H2 sex lingerie inside and outside matching

When P is matched with a fun underwear, you can choose a loose top or coat to highlight your advantages.

H2 auxiliary dressing

Ps auxiliary dressing is also very important. You can choose high heels to eliminate leg lines, or selective sexy stockings to increase your quality.

H2 self -confidence display

P for large -size women, no matter what style of sexy underwear wears, the most important thing is to show confidence.Confidence is the most beautiful, you can wear your own self -confidence and beauty.

H2 moderate exercise to make the figure more beautiful

P. If a large size woman wants to make themselves more beautiful, they can perform moderate exercise. This can not only exercise the body, but also make the figure more beautiful, and to wear sexy underwear to be more decent.

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