The role of sexy underwear straps

The role of sexy underwear straps

1. Type the chest

Strapes are one of the most critical parts of sexy underwear, mainly to support and support the role of the chest.Correctly adjusting the looseness of the strap can effectively improve the height, firming and shape of the chest, and make the chest shape more moving.

2. Adjust the looseness

The tightness of the band adjustable is one of the important features of sexy underwear.Different brands and styles will adopt different adjustments, including front and rear adjustments, back adjustment, etc.The advantage of this design is that according to factors such as the size and movement of the body, it can flexibly adjust the tightness of the band to make the dress more comfortable.

3. Stable bra position

Another important role of a strap is to stabilize the position of the bra.If the band is not adjusted tight enough or the belt is relaxed, it will cause the bra to slip and shift the bad experience.Therefore, correctly adjusting the tightness of the band can ensure that the bra will not slip or shift in the movement.

4. Balance pressure distribution

The strap can also help balance the stress distribution, avoid excessive pressure concentrated in a certain part, causing health problems such as sore shoulders and compression.When choosing the width of the band, you need to combine your body shape and dress to choose the width of your belt.

5. Adjust the tightening degree

Some sexy underwear bands also have the function of adjusting the tightening. This belt is usually used to tie up on the waist and hips.By adjusting the tightening of the band, the waist, hip roll -up effect can be achieved, further enhancing the curve beauty of the figure.

6. Beautify detail design

The band can also be used as one of the details of sexy underwear.Some sexy lingerie styles will add lace, lace, sequins and other decorations to the belt to increase visual effects and aesthetics.When choosing a sexy underwear with detailed design, be careful not to choose too complicated designs to avoid affecting the overall comfort.

7. Cooperate with different clothes

The style and color of the strap are also the characteristics of the sexy underwear.When matching different clothes, you can choose different colors, styles and length bands to achieve better matching effects.At the same time, you can also consider whether to expose a strap. When wearing outside the underwear, you can consider choosing a relatively simple tape to avoid affecting the overall appearance.

8. Increasing sexuality and charm

One of the most important functions of a strap is to increase the sexy and charm of sexy underwear.Some sexy straps, such as suspenders, shoulder straps, straps, etc., can make sexy underwear more eye -catching, sexy and tempting.It is important to choose a strap style that suits you for sex and charm.

9. Emphasize body beauty

Standes can not only help support the breasts, adjust the tightening and other functions, but also highlight the beauty of the body.Exquisite straps can make the figure more moving and quickly enhance self -confidence.For women who want to fight for more eyeballs, carefully selecting sexy underwear straps with styles and colors can greatly increase their popularity.

10. The importance of understanding and choosing a strap

In general, sexy underwear straps are one of the most critical designs in sexy underwear.When choosing a sexy underwear, women need to fully understand and choose the type, style, length and material of the band to ensure the purchase of suitable products.By correcting and adjusting the straps, women can fully show their sexy charm and make themselves more confident, elegant and beautiful.


In summary, sexy underwear straps are one of the most important designs in sexy underwear. It not only has a functional effect, but also reflects the beauty and sexy of sexy underwear.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, women need to fully understand and choose elements such as the style, length and looseness to ensure the best sexy charm of underwear.At the same time, adhering to the principles of rationality, aesthetics, health, and comfort, choosing a sexy underwear belt suitable for you can make women more confident, elegant and beautiful.

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