Let your wife wear sexy lingerie stickers

Let your wife wear sexy lingerie stickers


When it comes to sexy lingerie, some men will think that this is a wretched, downward thing, and some feel that this is a very sexy and romantic experience.Anyway, sexy underwear has become an indispensable part of more and more husbands and wives, and many of them are unwilling to wear fun underwear.

Understand the affair

Interest underwear is not just the level of "sexy", and its type is also very rich.There are charming lace, sexy swimwear, comfortable cotton and other materials, as well as different styles suitable for various occasions.Therefore, it is important to understand the types and uses of love underwear.

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

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When choosing a sexy underwear, the very important point is to choose the style that suits you. Do not blindly pursue a certain style, because different figures and temperament will be different.In addition, the comfort of the material will also affect the experience of wearing.

Purchase sex underwear with your wife

If my wife is not very happy to wear sexy underwear, she can show her some different styles of sexy underwear, you can choose with her and let her participate in it.This can ensure that the selection style conforms to her own preferences, but also increases her willingness.

Gradie -style wearing sexy underwear

To let my wife wear a fun underwear, it is not necessary to make bold attempts at the beginning.You can start trying from some conservative styles and occasions, and gradually adapt and accept this new experience.At the same time, pay attention to respecting her feelings and not forcibly.

Encourage and praise your wife

Wearing sex underwear is not a simple behavior, and women need to overcome some shyness and anxiety.Therefore, in the process of my wife trying to wear sexy underwear, she had to give her enough encouragement and praise to make her feel that she was loved and appreciated, and also enhanced her body confidence.

Try different occasions

Interest underwear is not only suitable for some specific occasions, but can be worn on weekdays to increase life interest.Wearing a refreshing and comfortable sexy underwear at home can make life more colorful.

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Don’t force your wife to wear sexy underwear

Even if you like sexy underwear anymore, be careful not to force the woman to wear, we must respect her wishes and preferences.If she has a negative attitude towards wearing underwear, we should also remain silent, so think about other ways to increase life.


Interest underwear is not a luxury. It is a means that allows couples to increase interest and increase feelings.If you want your wife to wear sexy underwear, you can slowly guide in a gentle way, and you must fully respect her wishes and preferences.Let us enjoy life together and feel the beauty of love!