Short, suitable for sexy underwear

Short, suitable for sexy underwear

The trouble of short children

Although the figure is fixed, for women, different dressing methods can show different charm.For short women, choosing clothes and matching is a science.Sexy underwear is a way of dressing more confident in women, but for short women, how to choose the right sexy underwear?

Choose high waist underwear

As we all know, since "high waist pants" have become a fashion element, high waist underwear has also been favored by women.Short women buying high waist underwear can make the waist line look taller and longer, and the exposed waist will look longer, so that it can visually stretch the leg length.

Choose high -neck underwear

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Similar to high waist underwear, short women can also try to see some high -necked sexy underwear, which can be matched with low -waist underwear to play the effect of modifying the proportion of the legs.In addition, the high -neck design can challenge some loose sense, and the effect is also good!

Choose a suitable underwear

Here is to talk about the ability to adjust the body. Light -colored sexy underwear usually gives people a sense of ethereal feeling. Using color conduction effects can highlight the beautiful body proportion.Black sex underwear will stretch the proportion downwards, and short women should try to avoid such colors as much as possible.Color is very important. Choosing the right color will effectively change our image.

Choose the right cushion

The cushion has always been one of the stealth equipment commonly used by short women.For the choice of cushions, try to choose some thicker cushions. In this way, when wearing sexy underwear, the lines of the hips can be more neat and smooth, and they are not distinguished from the long legs.

Try to penetrate the right bra

The chest is the key part of adjusting the proportion of the upper body. It is very important to choose the appropriate bra. Not only must it meet the size of the chest, but also pay attention to the color and style of the color.When cooperating with sexy underwear, you must also choose the style of the same color, so that the visual effect is more harmonious and comfortable.

Choose ultra -short style panties

When choosing a short child, you can choose some ultra -short -style underwear, which can not only make the proportion of the legs more slender, but also make women more sexy and charming.


Don’t choose lace edge design

When choosing a sexy underwear, short women should avoid choosing some sexy underwear designed with more lace edges. This will make women look short and wide. This is the most not conducive to the adjustment of the proportion of the shape. Try to avoid it.

Choose the right style

For women of different figures, the right style is also particular.When choosing sexy underwear, short children can choose some relatively strong streamlined styles. These styles can make up for the impact of low body height and make women look more model -like.

Buyer show is a good way

If short children are not sure when buying sexy underwear, you can try to browse some sexy underwear buyer shows on some purchasing platforms, and look at the matching of other women, which can help yourself better master some matching collocation about sexy underwearTips, this is also a good process of enjoyment!

Point of view

Buying a sexy underwear that is suitable for you is desperate for every woman, and for short women, the matching of sexy underwear is more knowledgeable.The above -mentioned experience is to help short women better master the matching skills of sexy underwear, so that women are more confident and calm.