Send a sexy underwear for a boyfriend

Send a sexy underwear for a boyfriend

Enter the world of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is an exclusive underwear that focuses on visual, tactile, and psychological experience. It is a means to enhance the emotion between husband and wife and stimulate sexuality.When choosing sexy underwear, factors such as style, material, texture, color, size and other factors need to be considered.Therefore, today we will talk about how to show my boyfriend’s sexy underwear.

Choose the right time and method

When you show your boyfriend’s sexy underwear, you need to consider time and method.It is best to choose to show your boyfriend in a private place such as the bedroom.At this time, sexy underwear can show its greatest charm, and it is also more suitable for the warmth of sex.

Follow the boyfriend’s preference

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Considering the taste of her boyfriend, when choosing sexy underwear, pay attention to the styles and colors he likes.If you do n’t know your boyfriend ’s preference, you can be keenly captured his tone and response in the usual chat, or let your underwear become a stimulating tool for continuous attempts.

Keep a beautiful figure

Body is the key to showing the effect of sexy underwear, so we must pay attention to maintaining a good figure.You can maintain your own body shape by controlling diet, fitness, etc., improve the effect of underwear, and make your boyfriend’s eyes shine.

With other sex props

Interest underwear is not the whole of sex. With some sex props, it can enrich sex and increase the pleasure of both parties.For example, you can choose jumping eggs to increase the unique experience used in underwear and spend a wonderful sex night.

Show your boyfriend look forward to

When showing erotic underwear, there must be a certain control, and do not display it all at once.You can show a part first, so that the boyfriend has some expectations, slowly increase the feeling of winning the prize, and improve the sense of sex.

Dressing psychological construction

When dressing, not only the types and styles of underwear are considered, but we must also start from their own psychological construction.If you have no confidence in such clothing, you will lose color even if you are beautiful.On the contrary, if you can wear it with a very confident attitude, it will undoubtedly make the entire styling effect more amazing.

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Convey emotion in language

Sex underwear is also a way of psychological communication, so do not ignore the power of language.When showing your boyfriend underwear, you can create a comfortable and intimate atmosphere through delicate expressions, so that the minds of the two people are more profound.

Catering to the boyfriend’s response at any time

The boyfriend’s response will directly affect the psychological experience of the two people and the effect of sex. Therefore, when showing her boyfriend’s sexy underwear, she should always pay attention to her boyfriend’s response and make corresponding adjustments and catering.This can make the two more tacit and achieve sex resonance.

privacy protection

Sex underwear is a private underwear, so the display and use of underwear should protect the privacy between the two people.When wearing and showing underwear, avoid accidental witness by others while protecting underwear and personal privacy.


Interest underwear is a tool that is suitable for enhancement of emotions between husband and wife. Seeing that her boyfriend needs to pay attention to time, method, boyfriend taste, own psychological construction, language exchanges, privacy protection and other aspects.Only by considering these factors can the sexy underwear achieve the best results and bring a full and happy sex experience to both parties.