Sex underwear changing trial illustration

Sex underwear changing trial illustration


In the field of sexy underwear, a suitable underwear can not only improve women’s confidence and charm, but also bring visually enjoyment to men.It is very important to wear suitable erotic underwear, but for many women, they often do not know how to choose when trying or changing.In this article, we will present you to try on a picture of sexy underwear and provide you with some useful selection skills and suggestions.


We need to prepare some basic tools before trying or changing.First of all, you need a comfortable locker room so that you can try sexy underwear in a private and comfortable environment.Secondly, a full -body mirror can help you see your whole body image so that you can better choose the right underwear.

Choose the right style

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When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider your body and body shape.Different body shapes are suitable for different underwear styles, such as fat and short people suitable for V -neck sexy underwear, which can lengthen the figure; while tall people are more suitable for the sexy underwear of lace and satin fabric, which can better set off the beautiful figureEssence

Choose the right size

It is very important to choose the right size.Excessive size or too small will cause discomfort and uncoordinated, so please carefully measure your size when trying penetration.In particular, the measurement of key positions such as bust, bust, and hips should pay attention to accuracy.

Choose the right material

The material of sexy underwear is very important.Some people like soft cotton fabrics, some people like smooth silk fabrics, and some people like seductive lace fabrics.When selecting the material, you should consider the needs of comfort, breathability and style.

Choose the right color

Color is also one of the key factors.Different colors can convey different emotions and atmospheres. For example, black is usually regarded as sexy and mysterious, while red represents enthusiasm and romance.Therefore, when choosing color, in addition to considering your preferences, you should also consider the needs of specific occasions.


When trying to put on underwear, you should wear as much as possible to try on clothes that are similar to underwear style to better understand the effect of underwear.At the same time, it is recommended that you straighten your arms and shoulders before trying on, so as to better show your body shape.

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Pay attention

When choosing a sexy underwear, details need to be paid attention to.For example, the material and width of the shoulder strap, whether the front buckle is convenient, the design of the back, etc.These details determine the comfort and beauty of the underwear, so we need to consider it carefully.

With suggestions

Finally, it is a suggestion.Interest underwear can be matched with many clothing, such as skirts, shorts, jeans, and so on.When matching, you need to pay attention to the coordination of internal and external matching and the exposure and effect of sexy underwear.

in conclusion

In short, you need to consider multiple factors, such as styles, sizes, materials, colors, trial suggestions, details and matching suggestions.I hope that the sexual underwear for the sexy underwear and suggestions can help you choose the sexy underwear that suits you best, so that you are more confident and beautiful!