Send a sexy underwear to the female neighbor

Send a sexy underwear to the female neighbor

Sex of sex underwear for female neighbors

Is it a good idea to send her a sexy underwear as a gift when your female neighbor’s birthday comes?Will this make you look a bit disappointed, or is this just a way to express your friendship?Here are some ideas, so you can consider your motivation before making any decision, and some consequences that may be caused when this gift is given to the female neighbor.

1. Why do you send sexy sheets

For many women, gender supplies are a very personal thing and may cause their discomfort.Therefore, before choosing such a gift, make sure you have a very well -known relationship with the female neighbor for a long time, and the female neighbor can accept such a gift.

2. Understand the preferences of female neighbors

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If you are convinced that female neighbors will not feel uncomfortable with the gifts of sexy underwear, please take some time to learn about her preferences.Try to understand her size, color, style, and the type of fabric she may like.Make sure to choose a perfect sexy underwear to create a perfect gift for her.

3. Pay attention to quality

When you plan to buy sexy underwear, make sure this is a brand with excellent quality.Avoid the convenient thinking of buying a lot of underwear for low prices.Because you will give you a unsatisfactory product to your neighbor, this will eventually make her feel disrespect and cause embarrassment.

4. Select the right occasion and gift packaging

When you plan to buy sexy underwear as a gift, keep in mind her lifestyle and habit.It is confirmed whether such a gift is suitable for her personality and lifestyle without making her surprised or sensitive.At the same time, all these need to consider whether the corresponding gift packaging is required.

5. Pay attention to the time and place of gift delivery

When you are going to hand over such gifts to the female neighbor, please be careful to choose the delivery time, place and method of this gift.Female neighbors may feel uncomfortable, so it is crucial to allow her to accept gifts in a safe and completely confidential environment, so that gifts can be correctly interpreted.

6. How can a gift be accepted?

When you hand over such gifts to the female neighbor, please show your expressions and movements carefully.It was impressed by her to be grateful for this gift, not just because you are a good neighbor.Let her be in a comfortable state in the first step, so that she can give more sincere feedback and response.


7. Processing potential feedback

If the female neighbor accepts a gift, you may still be a little worried, fearing that she will let her friends know, or will she have a tendency to react.At this time, you have to calm down and show understanding and sympathy when you encounter any problems.When she needs help or support, please stay patient and honest, so that she may share with you her thoughts and feelings of gifts.

8. Conclusion

When you consider whether to give such a gift, please consider your motivation and your understanding of your neighbor.Make sure you are adventurous rather than taking a relatively secure choice, because in this case, the possibility of "beneficiaries" is higher than the "damaged person".If you think this does not meet your values or personality, or you are not comfortable, then please do not do this.