Sex underwear data report

Sex underwear data report

Situation Analysis

The market for sex underwear has always been very active, especially in recent years, it has received more attention and attention.Although the impact of the epidemic has caused the on -site sales to a certain degree of impact, online sales have ushered in an unprecedented outbreak, especially in most regions of the world to slow down, retail sales of sexy underwear have gradually recovered, and the market size is constantly.expand.

data analysis

We collected the data of the sexy underwear market from multiple channels, and obtained the following conclusions:

The Asian market accounts for half of the market for sex underwear, and its sales account for about 60%.

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In terms of men’s and women’s proportion, women buy sexy underwear about 80%, and men’s purchase ratio is about 20%.

Among major brands, European and American brands have the highest sales, followed by Japanese Taiwan brands. Domestic brands are relatively rare, but some sexy and fresh domestic brands are also very popular among young groups.

Sex underwear type analysis

Interest underwear covers a variety of types, the following are the few of them:

Sexy: Open design, lace, leather and other materials often appear on this type of sexy underwear.

Fresh type: It is usually made of cotton fabric, simple style and basic pattern dominance.This type is mainly for young groups.

Japan/Taiwan type: usually cartoon characters such as rabbits, cats, and sun. The color is mainly pink, purple, and blue, which is very cute.

Passion: This type of erotic underwear is pursuing the ultimate sexy. Often, elements such as boldness, wool edges, and hollowing out often appear in its design.

User needs investigation

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We conducted a survey of user needs and found the following points:

The brand, price, material and style of users when buying sexy underwear;

Users generally believe that quality and price should be balanced and have a sense of value. At the same time, they also need to reflect brand value, such as unique design and packaging, etc.;

Users prefer to buy fun underwear online, because they can choose to buy and merge at home to avoid face -to -face embarrassment.

Sales channel analysis

At present, there are the following sales channels for sexy underwear on the market:

Online sales channels, such as Taobao,, Tmall, Amazon, etc.;

Offline sales channels, such as sex products stores, adult products stores, supermarkets, etc.;

Social e -commerce, such as Douyin, fast hands, etc.

Market competition analysis

At present, the main competitors of the sex underwear market are European and American brands and Japanese brands.European and American brands have obvious advantages in brand awareness, while Japanese brands are better in product creativity.

Future trends

In the future, there is still much room for development in the sex underwear market.Especially with the continuous improvement of people’s acceptance of sexy underwear, brand innovation, user reputation, and diversified promotion models will become the key to development.

Industry urgently need to solve problems

The erotic underwear industry also faces the following problems to be solved:

The quality and service of online sales channels, such as whether it is delivered in time, attitude of customer service, etc.;

The industry needs to pay attention to its own image construction and reputation accumulation;

Industry authorities need to further strengthen industry supervision.

Consumer suggestion

For consumers, individuals are best to choose regular purchase channels when buying underwear. Do not blindly pursue low prices, but also cherish their money.When buying, you should pay attention to the material, quality, and the style suitable for your own, and buy according to your own needs, not just the blind pursuit of trend or so -called "sexy".

Overall view

The potential of the sex underwear market is huge, but it also requires related departments and enterprises to pay more attention to issues in industry supervision and self -discipline.At the same time, each consumer should also have the correct consumption concept, choose a sexy underwear that is suitable for themselves, meets the common sense of health, and buy in regular channels.