Sexy underwear buyer show strange work

Sexy underwear buyer show strange work


Interest underwear is an indispensable part of modern human blessing life. It is an essential artifact for many couples to increase sexual interest and enhance emotion.Buying sexy underwear online has become a fashionable way of shopping.However, with the continuous expansion of the sexy underwear market, it has become more difficult to buy products that make you satisfied.

Qi Qi Fun Underwear Buyer Show

When buying sexy underwear, everyone often obtains product information through various channels.However, for some wonderful sexy underwear, the introduction of pictures and text can not be fully explained.Here are some real strange sexy underwear buyer shows.

Underwear that cannot be worn

Embroidered Mesh Lace-up Teddy Bodysuit – 11002

Some erotic underwear looks very delicate, but once you wear it, it will become uncomfortable.They may hold some parts of the body and even distort the curve of the body, which will not only make you feel extremely uncomfortable, but even hurt your body.

Strange design

There are some erotic underwear designs that are difficult to understand and even disgusting.For example, the design of some underwear is to imitate human organs or body parts, and this design may make people unable to get rid of the feeling of nausea.

Giant size deviation

Sometimes you buy an underwear online, but the actual product is completely different from the website display, and there may be differences.In some cases, the size of the underwear will be obviously deviated. For example, I once bought a underwear that is two more than the underwear that I usually wear, and when I put it on it, it is much smaller than I expectedEssence

Color does not match

Sometimes, the color of a sexy underwear on the website and the color of the actual product are not the same.This may make you feel very embarrassing, especially your couple or you value the color of this underwear very much.

Failure detail design

For some delicate sexy underwear, the detail design is very important.However, the details of some erotic underwear are incomprehensible and even disgusting.For example, some underwear designs strange embellishment patterns, and these patterns look like scars left by mosquito after bite.

Oil Shine

Low -quality fabrics and workmanship

Some sexual fabrics and workmanship of some sexy underwear are very low, and it has suffered severe damage to once.This will not only disappoint you, but also waste money.

Forge sexy underwear

In order to get greater benefits, some bad merchants will forge brand -name sexy underwear and marked them to high prices.These erotic underwear are usually roughly manufactured, without design, and use inferior fabrics.

Illegal gender discrimination products

In some places, there are illegal gender discrimination and sexy underwear products.These products encourage gender discrimination and negative gender stereotypes and offend others.The existence of these products is completely unacceptable.

in conclusion

When buying sexy underwear, make sure that the products you buy are high -quality, the manufacturer is guaranteed, the fabric is comfortable and healthy, and it can meet your needs.Don’t put your health and happiness at the cost of spending money.