Sexy underwear coercion girlfriend

Sexy underwear coercion girlfriend

Background introduction

Interest underwear is a kind of clothing that can increase interest and irritation, and is a common toy in modern couple’s life.Initially, sexy underwear was just sex entertainment tools, but now it has become part of daily wear.Although sexy underwear can increase the taste of husband and wife, some precautions also need to be used in use.Some people will force their girlfriends to wear sexy underwear through stress and other means. This behavior is not only a moral problem, but also may have adverse effects on the physical and mental health of the woman.

Selection of sexy underwear should respect girlfriend

Forcing girlfriends to wear sexy underwear is an extremely irresponsible behavior. She should respect the needs and opinions of my girlfriend, and must not force the other party to wear a sexy underwear that they do not like.When choosing a sexy underwear, you can choose with your girlfriend, listen to your opinions and choose the most suitable style according to the actual situation.

Know your girlfriend’s preference

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Each woman has their own style and way of dressing and dressing.When choosing a sexy underwear, you should first understand your girlfriend’s preferences and personality characteristics, and choose a style suitable for her.At the same time, you should also try some new elements to increase interest and stimulus.

The size and quality of sexy underwear should be appropriate

Interesting underwear is suitable and quality is related to the comfort and safety of girlfriends. Inappropriate sizes are prone to discomfort and damage. Low -quality materials may cause problems such as allergies and infection.When buying sexy underwear, reliable brands and quality products should be selected.

Interest underwear cannot replace oral communication

Interest underwear is a prop to increase the fun between husband and wife, but it cannot be a substitute for communication.In sexual life, couples need to communicate frankly and discover and meet each other’s needs.You cannot just meet your needs and desires by wearing sexy underwear on your girlfriend, and ignore your girlfriend’s feelings.

Interest underwear should not cause physical and mental injury

Too exciting erotic underwear may not only affect the health of the body, but also cause psychological damage.Therefore, you need to choose the style and type that suits you and his girlfriend, and don’t ignore the importance of physical and mental health while enjoying the pleasure of sex.

Husband and wife need to treat equality

The relationship between husband and wife should be an equal relationship. It should not affect the will of the other half through coercion, compulsory, etc., and bring false and short -lived pleasure to themselves.Only on the basis of the mutual respect and trust between the two sides, fun underwear can truly become a tool to enhance the relationship between husband and wife.

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Health and safety are the first

When using sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to health and safety.Improper use or excessive use will have a negative impact on health.Therefore, pay attention to the control of dosage, frequency and time when using sexy underwear to ensure the health and safety of the body.

Interest underwear is not universal

Interest underwear is just a tool for increasing sexual life, and it cannot become all.In the life of husband and wife, you also need to cultivate the quality of feelings, improve communication and trust, to truly gain a healthy, happy and satisfying sexual life experience.

Adhere to respect and understanding

In the sex life of husband and wife, respect and understanding is one of the most important factor.In the process of choosing and using sexy underwear, you need to respect and understand your girlfriend’s wishes and needs.Only through the persistence and understanding of the body stickers on both sides can the sexy underwear truly become a color increase tool for husband and wife life, and better enhance the relationship between husband and wife.


Interest underwear is a tool that can enhance the emotional and sexuality of husband and wife, but you need to pay attention to health and safety when using, and pay more attention to your girlfriend’s wishes and needs., Respect and understanding are the key to long -lasting couples.