Sexy underwear model walking show

Sexy underwear model walking show


As a special clothing, sexy underwear has been very popular since its release, and it can show women’s sexy and charming.However, in the fun underwear model, sometimes there are some embarrassing situations, such as walking the show.This article will explore the reasons and solutions for the glowing of sexy underwear models.

Source of the problem

When sexy underwear models, the biggest problem is that the show is gone.This may be related to the design of the erotic underwear itself, and it is also related to the model’s figure, movement and other factors.

Sex underwear design

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Interesting underwear is generally special, and some styles can even be said to be "translucent."This increases the possibility of sexy underwear.


Sexy underwear tests the figure of the model. They need a perfect figure to show the effect of sexy underwear.However, due to the perfect body, some models will have a catwalk.

Improper movement

Many of the design of sexy underwear are relatively tight. If the model is improperly moved and the posture is not correct, it will easily lead to the flow of sexy underwear.

Solution-Fun underwear Design

In terms of sexy underwear design, some anti -light design can be added, such as adding some fixed devices to make the sexy underwear more closely fit the body.

Solution-model figure

For model figures, you can choose sexy underwear that is more suitable for them, or adjust their figure proportion, such as further modifying the figure through tights and belts.



You also need to pay special attention to the movement of the model.During training, they need to master the correct posture and movements to avoid glowing caused by improper movements.

Combined with the value of the above methods

Combining the above methods in designing sexy underwear, selection of models, and action during training, it can effectively avoid the problem of sexy underwear models.This is of great significance for the promotion of sex underwear and the shape of the brand image.

in conclusion

It is embarrassing for sexy underwear models, but it is not inevitable. Through the control of sexy underwear design, model figure, movement, etc., this situation can be effectively prevented.