Sexy underwear novel Xin Qing

Sexy underwear novel Xin Qing

Sexy underwear novel Xin Qing

Xin Qing is a seductive woman. She has a model of modeling, so she is very familiar with the sexy underwear of various styles.She likes to wear a variety of sexy erotic underwear to stimulate her desires and her boyfriend, making their feelings more hot.

The first sexy underwear

On one occasion, Xin Qing and her boyfriend went to a party. She wore a black lace sexy underwear, exposing her beautiful collarbone and beautiful chest shape, making her boyfriend shine.This is also the first time she wears a sexy underwear. This experience has made her have a strong interest in sexy underwear.

A variety of sexy underwear

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Xin Qing learned a lot about sexy underwear. She found that there are many types of sexy underwear, including French lace underwear, bow of underwear, half cup of underwear, perspective underwear and so on.Every kind of sexy underwear has a different design and charm.

Customized sexy underwear

Xin Qing likes the feeling and temperament of sexy underwear. She starts to want to customize a sexy underwear exclusive to her own.She found her favorite design style and tailored a unique sexy underwear in a professional erotic underwear customized agency.

Interesting underwear on different occasions

Xin Qing believes that different occasions are suitable for wearing different erotic underwear. For example, you can wear sexy and hot underwear in the bedroom, and you can wear low -key underwear when participating in social occasions, showing another elegant temperament.

Funny underwear function

In addition to increasing emotional and sex, sexy underwear also has a function that gives full play to its own body advantages.The right sexy underwear can emphasize the beautiful figure of women and make themselves more confident and beautiful.

Falling underwear maintenance

Xin Qing believes that sexy underwear needs daily maintenance like ordinary clothing.She suggested that it is best to wash and dry naturally without using a dryer.In addition, sexy underwear cannot be washed with black clothes to avoid fading.

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The relationship between sexy underwear and women itself

Xin Qing feels that the choice of women’s sexy underwear has something to do with her temperament, personality and figure.For example, women with full figure can choose more loose and shoulder underwear, and women with slender figures can choose more slim and tight underwear.

The charm of sexy underwear

Xin Qing believes that the charm of sexy underwear is that it can enhance women’s sexy temperament and self -confidence.And wearing suitable sexy underwear can also make men more passionate about experiencing sexual life and enhancing each other’s emotional bonds.


Interest underwear is a weapon that increases emotion and sex, and it is even more lacking for women who like to love life.Wearing suitable sexy underwear can also make women more confident, beautiful and charming.Therefore, in the future life, we can try to wear sexy underwear to create a novel style of women and satisfy the various desires of ourselves and lover.