Sexy underwear shop name

Sexy underwear shop name


Sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular in modern society. People choose to wear sexy underwear to satisfy their own personality and interest, but the number of sexy lingerie shops is very huge. How to give a nice name for their own sexy underwear shop is veryImportant tasks.

1. The name should be matched with the characteristics of the storefront

When taking the name, you should be named according to the characteristics and advantages of your own store. For example, the main stimulation and sexy in the store should be recommended to take some sexy names.If the main shop is cute and sweet, you can consider some cute names.

2. The name should be simple and easy to understand

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The good store name should not only be nice, but also simple and clear, easy to identify and memorize.For example, Victoria’s Secret has only two words, but it has become a world -renowned sexy underwear brand.

3. The name must be more attractive

A good store name should be able to attract and excite people’s curiosity and interest, so that people are yearning and expectations for the store.For example, La Perla, which means pearls, such a name is both tempting and romantic.

4. Consider internationalization

Considering the international trend of the sexy underwear market, we recommend that the name of the store should be easy to identify and memorize, and it is suitable for people with different languages and culture.For example, intimissimi, its brand name is easily pronounced in various countries.

5. The name should be in line with laws and regulations

When named, you should also abide by relevant national regulations. You must not infringe on the trademarks and intellectual property rights of others. At the same time, you should also pay attention to the use of political sensitive vocabulary to avoid unnecessary trouble.

6. The name should pay attention to commercialization

A good store name should have high commercial value, which is conducive to the shape and promotion of the brand.For example, Agent Provocateur, its brand name is also the identity of its image spokesperson. Such a name has great value in business.

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7. The name must have a sense of time

The times are constantly changing, and good names need to have a certain sense of times and modernity, so that customers have a sense of freshness and affinity.For example, SAVAGE X FINTY, which is a sexy underwear brand created by Rihanna, has both sense of time and charming.

8. The name must be unique

A good store name needs uniqueness and innovation, which makes people impress and is curious about it.For example, Bluebella, a British sexy underwear brand. Its brand name is neither vulgar, easy to remember, and is very suitable for the brand’s positioning.

9. The name should truly reflect the brand

A good store name needs to truly reflect the characteristics and connotations of the sexy underwear brand, and enhance the recognition and attractiveness of the brand.For example, the names taken by Agent Provocateur focuses on the uniqueness and sexuality of the brand, not just for good.

10. Viewpoint

Good sexy underwear shop names need to be considered in many ways, such as matching the characteristics of the store, simple and easy to understand, high attractiveness, internationalization, and so on.But the most important thing is that the name needs to be closely connected to the brand and its characteristics, so that people can have a strong sense of recognition and favorability in the brand.