Sexy underwear suspender swimsuit open crotch

Sexy underwear suspender swimsuit open crotch


Sexy underwear is a clothing that many women wear to enhance self -confidence and enhance charm. There are more and more styles and styles, especially the sexy underwear suspender swimsuit opening crotch, which has attracted the attention of consumers.Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics and scope of this underwear in detail.


Interest underwear suspender swimsuit opening crotch is deeply welcomed by consumers, mainly because it has the following characteristics:

1. Design is simple and fashionable, suitable for daily wear and pools or beaches.At the same time, its beautiful lines and soft fabrics also make it a must -have item for fashion women.

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2. Open crotch design allows women to completely relax their physical and mental when they love love without worrying about the inconvenience caused by removing their pants.

3. Suspension shoulder strap design, simple and practical, fully reflects the delicate and delicate characteristics of women.


Interest underwear suspender swimsuit opening crotch is a underwear that can be worn under various occasions, such as:

1. Love love: open crotch design can make women sweaty during sex, without having to worry about fading the pants.

2. Party: The simple and stylish design allows women to show their beauty and confidence and become the focus of the party.

3. Swimming pools and beaches: lightweight and simple fabrics make women feel relaxed and happy when swimming and sunbathing.


When choosing a sexy underwear suspender swimsuit to open the crotch, you need to pay attention to the following aspects:


1. Fabric: Choosing underwear with high -quality fabrics is not only helpful for comfort, but also not easy to cause allergies.

2. Size: It should be ensured that the size of the underwear is appropriate and comfortable to wear, which will not cause the female body to be oppressed or excessively tight.

3. Style: You should choose the style that suits you. The colors, patterns and styles you like are really beautiful.

Match effect

Sexy underwear suspender swimsuit opening crotch with different clothing will have different effects. The following are some common matching:

1. Paired with jeans: Slightly exposed the underwear suspension, and paired with slim jeans, it can show the fashionable charm of women.

2. With a black skirt: black skirts and sexy underwear camisole with white, red or other colors can be well matched with open crotch, showing the coolness and full sexy charm.

3. With trousers: In order to create an elegant and modern temperament, you can match a pair of high -quality trousers to cooperate with the sexy underwear camisole to open the crotch.

Way of wear

The way to wear the swimsuit of the sexy underwear strap, the way to wear the crotch is very simple. You only need to follow the steps below:

1. Put the underwear suspension into the head first, and then put the shoulder strap onto the shoulder.\ p>

2. Adjust the length of the shoulder strap and determine the level of the shoulder strap as needed.

3. Treat the underwear and choose different methods according to your preference.


In order to protect the quality and function of the opening of the swimsuit of the sexy underwear, it is recommended to take the following maintenance measures:

1. Washing: It is best to use hand washing to clean it. Use mild detergent. Do not use an acidic or alkaline detergent to avoid damaging the fabrics and extension time of the underwear.

2. Dry: After washing, it should be dried naturally in the ventilation. Do not overly squeeze and rub it repeatedly to avoid damaging the fabric and deformation of clothing.


The fun underwear suspender swimsuit open crotch is a characteristic and charm of underwear. The open crotch design and light fabric are all good selling points. It can not only meet the needs of women’s daily wear, but also apply to wear and match in many occasions.I hope that in the process of buying and dressing, you can find a sexy underwear suspended swimsuit to open the crotch.