Sexy underwear waves also more jaiyi

Sexy underwear waves also more jaiyi

Sexy underwear waves also more jaiyi


As a sexual supplies, sexy underwear has appeared as early as the end of the 19th century.It can increase interest, regulate emotions, improve the coordination and quality of both sex, and become an indispensable prop.As a celebrity in the sexy underwear industry, Bo Yiyi has highly respected his works.

Bobo is also well -coat introduction

Bobo also tied, born in 1986, is a sexy underwear designer from Japan.She worked in the well -known Japanese underwear brand "Peach John", and later set up her own brand "Jewelna Rose".

Lace Strap Chemise With Sleeves – Without Thong – 13881

Bobo’s design concept

Bobo’s design style is mainly "cute", "sexy" and "playful". She pays attention to details during design, and incorporate elements such as fluff, bow, lacesex.

Bobo also coat represents works

Bo Ye Duoyou’s representative works include "Butterfly Series", "Princess Series", "Strawberry Series" and so on.Among them, the "Butterfly Series" is the theme of the bow. She cleverly embeds the bow into the cup of the bra, making the appearance of the bra look cute.The "Princess Series" is based on exquisite embroidery and sequins, so that people can feel luxury and noble at a glance.

Bobo also jaiji’s market positioning

Bobo’s sexy underwear is positioned as a high -end market, with high prices, suitable for customers who pay attention to quality and details.Most of her works are above 1,000 yuan.

Bobo also clients with more clothes

Bobo’s client group is mainly young women and couples.Her work is also loved by the sex of men and women. Men will choose waves of herds to surprise their girlfriends or wives, and women will choose Bodo’s underwear to enhance their confidence and charm.

Bobo is also well -coated with underwear style


There are many types of underwear styles in Boshita, including long beam pants, lace bra, camisole, three -point opening, stockings, etc.Each one reflects her design essence.

The color of the waves of underwear

Boguo’s underwear color is mainly pink, and colors such as purple and yellow often appear.Among them, pink is her representative color. She thinks pink is cute and sexy, and is very suitable for sexy underwear.

Bobo is also wearing underwear size

Bobo also has a small underwear size of Yiyi, suitable for petite women, which is currently different from large size popular in general markets.

in conclusion

Bobo also Yui Yi is the leader in the field of sexy underwear design. Her works have unique design characteristics and have been recognized by the majority of couples.In terms of style, color, or design concept, Boguo’s Underwear’s underwear is very recommended.