Shanghai 2018 Info Underwear Show

Shanghai 2018 Info Underwear Show

Shanghai 2018 Info Underwear Exhibition-Opening Ceremony

The Shanghai Sex Underwear Show has become a grand event in the global sex lingerie industry.The 2018 Shanghai Fairy Underwear Exhibition opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SWEECC) from November 23rd to 25th.The exhibition has attracted more than 1,000 well -known companies from all over the world to show its latest sexy underwear design, fabrics, manufacturing technology and materials.The three -day exhibition provides a platform for sellers, buyers, dealers, and customers in the industry to share their respective experiences and understand the latest market information, product design and brand development trends.

Sex underwear design exhibition area

The sexy underwear design exhibition area is the most eye -catching exhibition area for the exhibition.The design company in the exhibition area conducted in -depth research on sexy underwear design, bringing various innovative designs to the exhibition, such as the sexy lingerie inlaid and crystal, and the sexy lingerie of print silk.These designs show that sexy underwear is not only a combination of sexy and function, but it can also be a stylish art form.

Fabric and fiber exhibition area

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The fabric and fiber exhibition area is the most inspiring exhibition area at the exhibition.Designers can learn the attributes of various fiber materials and fabrics here, such as silk, cotton, elastic silk, lace, etc.The organizer of the exhibition area also specifically demonstrates environmentally friendly fabrics and recyclable fiber materials.The fabrics and fiber materials of these latest results bring higher quality and better sustainable development to sexy underwear manufacturing.

Fun underwear Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition Area

The sexy underwear manufacturing equipment exhibition area is an opportunity for manufacturers to touch. Here, the latest production equipment and technologies are displayed.The latest equipment displayed in the exhibition area includes sewing machines and thermal pressure equipment that uses the latest digital technology, which can help manufacturers make high -quality sexy underwear easier to create high -quality and lean replacement of repeated manufacturing for consumers.

Infusion Underwear Area

The sex underwear exhibition area is the most attractive exhibition area for the exhibition.A variety of erotic lingerie, from sexy styles to cute styles, from classic styles to high -tech styles, as well as hollow sexy underwear, sexy lingerie with shaking knee pads, and so on.Many sexy underwear brands at the exhibition provide different trial services, providing consumers with a better shopping experience.

European and American sex underwear exhibition area

The European and American sex lingerie exhibition area is the largest exhibition area in the exhibition, and is the exhibition area of higher quality sexy underwear brands at the exhibition.The design of European and American sexy underwear brands is beautiful and chic, high -quality and expensive.The exhibition area has created a fashion show in European and American sexy underwear, showing the brand’s latest design, material and production technology, so that audiences from all over the world can better understand the frontier of European and American sexy underwear brands.

Environmental theme of sex underwear show

The impact of sexy underwear manufacturing on the environment is increasingly concerned.This exhibition also has a special environmental protection theme exhibition area, showing some sexy underwear using environmentally friendly materials and using energy -saving technology.The exhibition area also provides environmental protection information and suggestions, as well as the successful practice of some enterprises, allowing the audience to further solve the direction and trend of the sustainable development of lingerie manufacturing.


Fun underwear industry trend outlook

With the rapid increase in global fashion brands and the expansion of the audience, the market demand of sexy underwear is also growing.Although the design, production and sales of sexy underwear have been challenged, many new ideas and opportunities have been hatched.This current exhibition provides a highly interactive platform for the global sex lingerie industry, covering the industry’s latest trends, technology and market demand.The sexy underwear industry is expected to continue to develop, bringing higher quality and sexy clothing products to consumers.

Corporate cooperation talks

The purpose of the exhibition of many companies is to seek global partners.At this exhibition, many companies have held partnerships to promote their brands and show their latest products and services.These partner conferences provide a platform for professionals in the industry to provide them with opportunities for business exchanges and cooperation with their peers.


The Shanghai 2018 Info Hyplastic Show shows the latest achievements of the sexy underwear industry, and shows the industry’s innovation and growth.This exhibition presents the forefront of the industry’s sustainable innovation and sustainable development. We look forward to maintaining rapid and healthy development in the future.