She wore a sexy underwear novel

She wore a sexy underwear novel

Her choice

She hesitated for a long time and finally decided to try to wear sexy underwear.In fact, she has long wanted to try it, but she has never found a suitable opportunity.The last night, she finally made this decision.

Feel on trial

She chose a set of black erotic underwear, and she felt a little unaccustomed when she was wearing it for the first time.However, when she saw her sexy figure and curve in front of the mirror, she knew that her choice was right.


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She began to feel an unprecedented self -confidence and charm.She never felt so sexy and charming before, this confident and mysterious feeling made her feel very good.

External response

When she goes out, she often encounters the attention and praise of others.Although this makes her a little uncomfortable, she also understands that this is just the praise of others’ appearance.


She found that her mood became very different when she put on a sexy underwear.This feeling made her pay more attention to her appearance and attitude, and to maintain her charm more.

Brand selection

After trying the sexy underwear of several different brands, she found that she loved certain brands very much.She knows that she needs to pay attention to the comfort, adaptiveness, and manufacturing quality of her underwear, which is an important consideration for her choice of brand.

Relationship with partners

She found that when she put on sexy underwear, she could give her partner more surprises and stimuli.Interesting underwear can make the husband and wife get along more romantic and interesting.

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Self -identity improvement

By wearing sexy underwear, she gradually began to realize her charm and value.She knows that she is a woman full of charm and confidence, and this self -confidence and charm also affect her life and work.

Try to cross the comfort zone

She knows that trying to wear sexy underwear is to cross her comfort zone.However, this attempt can make her better understand and understand herself, and make her more confident in her charm.


Trying sexy underwear is a very meaningful thing for every woman.It can not only bring self -confidence and charm, but also allow women to better understand their bodies and sexy.Of course, when selecting brands and styles, you need to pay attention to adaptability and comfort, which is very important.