Simple sexy underwear workmanship

Simple sexy underwear workmanship

As a special underwear, sexy underwear has the characteristics of sexy and temptation in addition to the function of daily underwear.In addition to the choice of fabric materials, there are many key steps to pay attention to, such as tailoring and sewing.In this article, we will introduce the steps of workmanship of sexy underwear.

Choice fabric

The selection of fabrics of sexy underwear is very important. Generally speaking, lace, silk, cotton and other materials are used.Lace material is the most widely used material. This material can make sexy underwear more sexy and more comfortable.

Cut off

Cutting is the first step in the production of sexy underwear. This step is very critical.Because the shape of the sexy underwear is very complicated, most of the sexy underwear is very tight, and the body must be fitted after wearing. This requires the accuracy of cutting.

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Sewing is one of the key steps for the production of sexy underwear, which is also an experienced processing step.When sewing, you need to further repair the shape of the clothes while sewing, so as to ensure that the final sexy underwear is more fitted with a more sexy and comfortable and breathable effect.


Some of the workmanship of sexy underwear needs to be hand -made, such as border, handmade sewing, etc.These handmade skills can improve the quality and durability of sexy underwear, and can also add a unique beauty to sex underwear.

Profile design

The design of sexy underwear is a very important step, which will directly affect the comfort and sexy sense of underwear.The profile should be able to concentrate the chest and slender waist while maintaining the natural and sexy of the thigh lines.

Adjust the convex point

In many cases, people want to make their bodies more perfect.At this time, the convex adjustment in the sexy underwear is very important.Adjust the shape through the special design of the underwear, create a more perfect figure, and add a self -confidence.

special design


The special design of sexy underwear usually includes vests, thongs, and hollow design.These designs make people feel more sexy and romantic, and increase the atmosphere of interest.


The production of sexy underwear requires rigorous craftsmanship and experience, because this is not only about the problem of underwear, but also about sexy, temptation, and self -confidence.Making a good sexy underwear can help people be more confident and calm, enhance self -charm, and have a better emotional life.