Taobao shoots those models of sexy underwear


Taobao is the first choice platform for many people to buy sexy underwear.There are many contents that need to be referred to the product. The most important of which is the effect map of the model.Some merchants avoid this problem and use the pictures downloaded directly on the Internet, resulting in a lot of differences from the real thing after receiving the product.This article will analyze Taobao’s models of sexy underwear and conduct some purchase guidance.


1. Skin color

First of all, the skin color of the model should be the same type of skin color as the customer.If a underwear works well on white skin, it is not so good on the yellow skin.Therefore, we should pay special attention to this detail when buying sexy underwear.

2. Facial characteristics

Many of the sexy underwear we see on Taobao are displayed by the model.However, facial features make the model very unnatural.When the model’s face is coated with thick cosmetics, it will make people feel bad.Therefore, we need to choose models without cosmetics to show underwear.

3. Body ratio

The underwear style displayed by Taobao sex lingerie shop is designed for people of different figures, but the proportion of models may be different.Therefore, when buying underwear, we should carefully check the model’s body proportion to ensure that the underwear we buy is in line with our body proportion.

4. Use

Different erotic lingerie styles are suitable for different occasions.Some sexy underwear is used for private occasions between couples in love.Other sexy underwear is used for sexy parties or nightclub entertainment venues.Therefore, customers should consider whether the style is suitable for their uses when purchasing.

5. texture

The texture of sexy underwear is the key.Good texture of underwear can control the flesh and increase more sexy and attractiveness.On the contrary, underwear with poor texture makes people feel uncomfortable.Therefore, it is important to choose underwear with excellent texture.

6. Color

Color is an important element that cannot be omitted when choosing sexy underwear.Color should be selected according to personal preferences and needs.If you are wearing underwear that surprises couples, it is a good choice to choose red with black and black.However, the choice of color should also be suitable for you and occasions.

7. True

A lot of erotic underwear we see is processed and modified, and some are even treated by PS technology.Therefore, we must pay special attention not to be confused by excessive modified images, and choose real sexy underwear to buy.

8. Appropriate style

Finally, it is very important to choose a style that suits you, whether it is clothing or underwear.The style that suits you will be well integrated in your own dress, showing your charm.


It is a very skillful thing to choose a sexy underwear that suits you on Taobao.It can start with the skin color, facial features, body proportions, use, texture, color, color, authenticity and suitable style.Only after choosing a sexy underwear that suits us can we show people with the most confident and beautiful appearance.

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