Take a photo of a sexy underwear by a boyfriend

Background introduction

After years of exchanges, my boyfriend and I have become very close.Once, he suddenly took out a set of erotic underwear and asked me to help him try it on.I was very surprised at the time, but I still did it.

Feeling the first time wearing a sexy underwear

After wearing a sexy underwear, I felt a little uncomfortable because this was the first time I tried this style of underwear.But at the same time, I also feel very sexy and confident.

Boyfriend’s request

My boyfriend wanted to take a picture of us when we were together, but he hoped that I could always wear sexy underwear.I hesitated because I don’t know if it is appropriate.

My concerns

I am worried that if our photos are seen by others, they will be criticized and misunderstood by others.I am not sure if I can withstand the pressure from the outside world.

Boyfriend’s explanation

My boyfriend explained to me that he didn’t care what kind of views others would hold, but just wanted to make our feelings more deeper.He believes this is a way to strengthen each other’s relationship.

Questions about sexy and scale

Although I was worried that our photos would be seen by others, but later I started thinking about this problem.I started thinking about the boundaries between sexy and scale.

my decision

In the end, I decided to allow my boyfriend to take some photos and let him save them in the private field.I think this can deepen the feelings between us, and it also shows my confidence and autonomy of myself.

in conclusion

Wearing sexy underwear and sexy photos is a very personal thing that needs to be handled with caution.But if it can be based on mutual trust and respect, this approach can help strengthen the relationship between husband and wife or lovers, and at the same time, it can also make people more confidently show themselves.

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