Taobao shop sex underwear shop no one responds


Taobao stores, which are mainly engaged in sexy underwear, found that no one would reply after a period of time, even if it has a high number of clicks and views.This problem obviously seriously hinders the development and growth of store business.

Cause Analysis

To solve this problem, we must first analyze the reason why no one responds to the store.So, no one responds to the Taobao shop sex underwear store. What is the reason why?

product quality

First, the quality of the product is not closed.Maybe due to insufficient funds or manpower, the quality of these sexy underwear is not strong enough, and many problems have occurred.For example, it is not very comfortable after putting on, and it will be damaged as soon as it is dark.Such quality problems will naturally make users feel disappointed or uneasy, and then let them lower the evaluation of the store.

market competition

Second, market competition has intensified.Everyone who does business understands that without competition without progress.Competition not only puts pressure on enterprises, but also gives enterprises to achieve better development opportunities.Therefore, it is necessary to effectively analyze the competitors and introduce a more targeted solution to better improve the competitiveness of the store.

Insufficient traffic

Third, the traffic is insufficient.Even though the product’s product is excellent and good service, it will be so much that if it does not fully attract the traffic of users.Sometimes this phenomenon may be due to the fact that the store has not been effectively promoted and promoted.

Website architecture problem

Fourth, website architecture issues.Another reason why no one responds to the store is the architecture of the website itself.It is not highly accessible, the navigation is difficult to understand, the speed of the page loading is too slow, and the use of the mobile terminal is not good. It is a factor that may cause user loss, affect shopping experience and store reputation.

Poor after -sales service

Fifth, after -sales service is not good.As people pay more and more attention to the quality of service, after -sales service quality has also become a more important part. Lack of first -class after -sales service, it is easy to make customers question your shop and lead to losing customers.

Excessive price and low cost performance

Sixth, the price is too high to the cost performance.Each economic conditions are high or low. When the price of the product provided by a shop is too high, whether it has good quality and after -sales service, customers may have hesitation and resistance, and then choose another more cost -effective shop.

Lack of marketing skills

Seven, lack of marketing skills.In a market with such fierce competition, it is necessary to make good products, but this is not enough.Stores need to attract more traffic through various marketing skills, stabilize their status, and maintain their performance.

Not enough attention

Eight, not enough attention.Even if the products of the store are good, the service is good, the price is reasonable, and the after -sales service is excellent, but if the store is updated from time to time, it does not operate from the media, etc., it may cause users to lose attention.

Solve suggestions

After understanding the cause of the problem, the solution will be clear.We can try some improvement measures, such as:

1. Improve product quality and strengthen after -sales service. This is the last word.

2. Increase promotion and publicity, and increase store traffic;

3. Make effective competition analysis, formulate better competition plans, and improve store competitiveness;

4. Optimize the website architecture and improve the fluency;

5. Control prices and increase cost -effectiveness;

6. Strengthen marketing skills, study consumer psychology, and better innovate;

in conclusion

Therefore, merchants need to do a good job of market research and formulate a business plan with action.Do related website construction and website operations, create a professional and reliable website, attract more customers and traffic in domestic and foreign markets, and step by step to improve the popularity and reputation of the store, so as to maximize interests.

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