Test the sexy underwear licking the bud

Test the sexy underwear licking the bud

For many women, sexy underwear is no longer just a tool to improve interest and stimulate sexual desire, and it has become a symbol of fashion and aesthetics.However, how to choose and try to penetrate the right sexy underwear still requires more knowledge and skills.This article will introduce you to how to lick the bud in the test room, that is, how to try to penetrate sexy underwear, making you more sexy, confident and love.

Choose the right style

Choosing the right sexy underwear is the prerequisite for ensuring comfort and rendering sexy atmosphere.Choose styles that can show their own body advantages and cover flaws, such as cups, colors, details and materials.In addition to basic models, you can also try sexy materials such as lace, mesh and fish nets.

Measure your size

Understanding your body, especially the size of the chest, waist, and hips, it is particularly important for buying appropriate sexy underwear and trying on.Be sure to measure your size so that you can choose the right cup and size when you buy.

Preparation before trial

Before trying to wear sexy underwear, remember to make the necessary preparations, including transparent underwear and barefoot.This can not only avoid the interference of other clothing, but also better stretch the body muscles and blood vessels, laying the foundation for trying on.

Check before trial

Before trying on, check the details and flaws of the underwear carefully in order to better adjust and accurately try on.For example, observing the symmetry of the cup, the tension of the tension of the hook, and the tightness of the back side.

Adjust the cup of sexy underwear

First of all, if the cup is not good, you can try to adjust the length of the shoulder strap or the position of the buckle with the tight cup and the body’s fit.If there is a gap in the cup, you need to adjust the position of the cup or find a more suitable cup size.

Adjust the strap of sexy underwear

The tightness and length of the strap are also an important factor affecting the shape of the bottom and chest.If the length of the strap is too long or too tight, it will affect the normal circulation of the meridians and blood, and it should be adjusted to a suitable position and knead and check with your fingers.

Adjust the loose band of sexy underwear

The elastic band of the sexy underwear corresponds to the strap, and the effect of enhanced and shaped around the body.Similarly, according to your own needs, the degree of fatness and the size of the cup, you should adjust the position and looseness of the loose band.

Observe the silhouette of sexy underwear

In the process of trying to penetrate sexy underwear, we must also observe and understand the overall shape and lines of the underwear, check whether the cleavage and chest are suitable, and the adjustment should be adjusted and selected accordingly.

Self -feelings in the trial process

In the process of trying to penetrate sexy underwear, you must always pay attention to your own feelings and pursuits, and carefully listen to your body’s feedback and suggestions for underwear, so as to pursue each other’s more perfect sexy effects and comfortable feelings.

In summary, when trying to wear sexy underwear, it is very important to pay attention to details and appropriateness. In order to make yourself more sexy, confident and comfortable, you can only study and try to find the most suitable sex underwear for you!

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