The embarrassing story of sexy underwear

I have no intention of inserting willow

At a party, I was wearing a set of sexy lingerie, and the pink lace material was very eye -catching.As a result, when playing cards, he had no intention of inserting a willow and was drenched with a glass of red wine, and the whole shirt was soaked.It’s not only me, but the people around you don’t know how to deal with such an accident.

Size selection error

Once when I bought sexy underwear online, the size was made mistakes. I bought a too small number. As a result, after putting it on it, the whole person was breathless.You can only pray silently not to be injured.

Thrilling tear experience

In a bold attempt, I put on a more complex sexy underwear. As a result, I heard a flutter after wearing it. It turned out to be torn by me.That day was really sad, and I felt embarrassed.

Implementation of improper dressing

Many times, I will encounter embarrassment because of improper wear.For example, wearing perspective sexy underwear in the cafe, was stared at by the waiter and other guests.Some erotic underwear is not suitable for all occasions, and you need to pay attention to the occasions and atmosphere when wearing.

Lack of etiquette feelings discomfort

Once, I wore a particularly exposed sexy underwear to a family gathering.Although everyone is very calm, I still feel some unpopular feelings and is considered a lack of etiquette.Sex underwear is different from conventional underwear. You need to pay attention to occasions, especially in formal occasions. You can consider putting on other clothes to cover it.

The unsuitable figure shrinks me

When I was walking on the street for the first time wearing a sexy underwear, I felt that the eyes of the people around me seemed to have changed, as if I was laughing at me.Although I like this sexy underwear very much, I shrink back because I am not suitable for my body.

Too difficult to understand

Some erotic underwear is more complicated. You need to deal with details. You can consider asking the store for specific ways to wear or find some tutorial videos to learn.Otherwise, it is easy to make the entire underwear unsightly because it is not in place.

The choice is too strange to deal with

When I bought a relatively strange sexy underwear, I found that some more traditional and universal way of wear are not suitable for this sexy underwear.In this case, you can try to find it yourself or seek a professional.

It’s embarrassing to lose the small accessories

Some sexy underwear has some small and easy to lose accessories, such as locks, lace, necklace, and so on.If these small accessories are lost, it will affect the appearance of the entire sexy underwear, which is embarrassing.It is recommended to check whether the accessories are complete when buying, and pay attention to the preservation method.

In general, it is important to choose a sexy underwear that suits you

As a special underwear, the choice of sexy underwear is very important.Find a sexy underwear that suits you in your body and occasions, don’t follow the trend or choose the style that is not suitable for you.At the same time, it is also critical to choose the right way, choose the right occasion, and pay attention to details.Only in this way can the sexy underwear truly increase the charm and confidence.

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