Throw the fun underwear bought by her boyfriend

My boyfriend gives me sexy underwear

My boyfriend is a romantic person, and he always likes to surprise me.This time he brought me a sexy underwear, and was very surprised and excited when I opened the gift box.This underwear looks very sexy and the details are very delicate, making me very much.

Feeling after wearing underwear

When I put on this sexy underwear, I felt more sexy and charming.But after a period of time, I started to feel a little uncomfortable. The exquisite details made my skin uncomfortable, and I felt a little suffocated.Maybe the size of the underwear is not particularly suitable, or its fabric is not very breathable.

Boyfriend’s response

When I expressed my discomfort to my boyfriend, he was a little distressed.Because he never thought that this would happen, he just wanted to bring me surprise and happiness.He may not consider the comfort after I put on underwear.He promised me to pay attention to this next time, and he would choose more suitable underwear for me.

Consider this underwear again

I put on this underwear again, trying to feel it again.Although it looks beautiful, I don’t feel completely comfortable.I remembered the romantic surprise I prepared for me again, but I also started to think: Should I leave this sexy underwear?

Before deciding to discard

I need to think about it before deciding to throw away the valuable and exquisite erotic lingerie.This dress makes me feel uncomfortable, but it may provide special interests and excitement for some situations.Maybe I can find some solutions to make this underwear a charm weapon for my sexy and confident.

Find the correct size

One solution is to find the correct size.Inappropriate size is a major factor in uncomfortable underwear. The correct size can ensure comfort and closeness.I can go to the store to try on underwear of different sizes to find the size that is most suitable for me.

Replace the material

Another solution is to replace the material and choose a lighter and breathable underwear.The quality of the fabric will affect the texture and comfort of the underwear. Finding the right fabric is the key to solving the problem.

Issues in wearing scenes

Wearing scenes is also very important.Underwear is wearing special effects for men and women in specific scenarios.I can explore this sexy underwear with my boyfriend to get the final comfort and joy.

Find a more sexy underwear that is more suitable for me

Finally, if I really think that this sexy underwear is too inappropriate, I can choose another one that is more suitable for me, one is more suitable for me style and size, one is more in line with my needs, or it is more suitable for wearing in specific scenarios in specific scenarios.Interesting underwear.

My conclusion

Deciding to throw away the sexy underwear bought by her boyfriend needs to consider multiple influences.Choose the right underwear size, replace the breathable fabric, and find the most suitable underwear style that can help me solve this problem.It must be remembered that sexy underwear is designed for the purpose of enhancing interest. We should find a balance point between comfort and enhancement.

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