Tibetan sexy underwear map

Tibetan sexy underwear map

What is a suspender sexy underwear

Tibetan sexy underwear is a sexy lingerie style with fine shoulder straps.It is usually a separated suit, which is made of suspenders, hook buckles and lace or silk.Their design is inspired by traditional suspenders, but the latter does not have any sexy and sexual components.

The material of the strap sexy underwear

The material of the hammo sexy underwear can be diverse.Usually, soft, breathable, shiny, shiny or translucent silk materials, such as pure silk, satin or crystal silk.In addition, you can also choose a soft, lace lace fabric, such as lace, lace or mesh.


Tibetan sexy underwear is suitable for women with various figures.If you are a tall woman, you choose to have a loose cuffs and shoulder straps.If you are a petite woman, you can choose a style with shorter tops and thin shoulder straps.

The color of the strap sexy underwear

The color of the halter sex lingerie is also diverse.There are classic colors such as black, white and red, and other colors such as pink, purple, silver, gold, etc. You can choose your favorite color according to your needs.

Way of matching

Tibetan sexy underwear can be matched with various styles of underwear.If you want to be more sexy, you can choose thong or T -shaped pants.If you want to show your beautiful legs, you can choose high -waisted briefs.In addition, you can also match accessories such as socks, high heels according to your needs.

suitable occasion

Tibetan sexy underwear is suitable for wearing in various occasions.For example, it can be worn on Valentine’s Day or Wedding Night (as a honeymoon night or a new wedding night gift).In addition, it is also suitable for wearing in private situations, such as at home or accommodation hotels.

Brand recommendation

Many brands on the market have launched various styles of suspenders.For example, top brands such as Vitalia’s Secret, La Perla and other top brands have promoted their suspender sex lingerie lines.In addition, there are some sexy underwear brands, such as Victoria’s temptation, Guli Leiya, Softsf, etc., which also launched various suspenders of sexy underwear.


When buying a suspender sex underwear, you should first understand your body size, and then choose according to your own size and the brand’s size table.In addition, if you haven’t bought a suspender sexy underwear, you can choose some classic styles to try it first, and then try other colors and styles.

Cleaning of straps sexy underwear

Belt sexy underwear usually requires hand washing or light machine washing, using warm or cold water.It is best not to use hot water to clean, because this will cause clothes to deform, shrink or fade.It should be noted that sexy underwear with shiny or translucent materials requires professional detergents.

in conclusion

Tibetan sexy underwear is a very sexy and interesting underwear style.It has a variety of materials and colors, suitable for wearing in different occasions.When buying and cleaning, you need to pay attention to some techniques to avoid destroying the original quality and design effect.

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