Walk on the streets on the street

Walk on the streets on the street

Interesting underwear is a very private underwear, but now it is no longer the representative of subculture, but incorporated into fashion culture and has become a part of public health.Many women want to try to wear sexy underwear in daily life, but they are worried about being recognized.So how can we wear sexy underwear to walk on the street and be confident?

1. Style selection

First, choose the right style.You need to consider your body and wear occasions when choosing.If you want to try to wear in daily life, you can choose a simple and sexy style, such as hollow and lace design.If it is a special occasion, you can choose a fancy style, such as sexy underwear with decorative buttons or lace edges.

2. Selection of texture

Second, choose high -quality texture.Interest underwear is not daily, but is used to enhance your temperament and sexy charm, so be sure to choose clear texture and comfortable underwear.This can not only be more comfortable, but also more high -end.

3. Accessories

After that, you must consider matching accessories with underwear.Generally, the matching of sexy underwear needs to be matched with high heels, lace stockings, earrings and other accessories to highlight more sexy temperament, but it should also pay attention to coordination with ordinary clothes.

4. Dress occasion

Walking on the streets on the street is obviously a choice.If you want to go out and wear underwear, it is best to pair with a long coat and loose pants or skirts, so that it is both revealed, covered, and more coordinated.

5. Physical confidence

Walking on the streets on the street is not only a kind of dress, but also requires physical confidence.The reason why sexy underwear can be sexy is because they can highlight the curve of the body and make the body more charming, so when wearing, you must show your body confidently.

6. Reasonable warmth

Pay attention to warmth on the streets to wear sexy underwear.Especially in the cold winter, there are not many underwear, so when matching clothing, you need to pay attention to the warmth effect. You can choose a thickened coat or sweater, or choose to match with socks.

7. Don’t be too publicized

You need to be moderate on the streets to wear sexy underwear, don’t be too public.We can add other special items to basic wearing, such as accessories, to reflect the charm and attractiveness of the existence of sexy underwear, and at the same time, do not have too much.

8. Don’t let the sexy underwear grab the camera

Note that the sexy underwear with black tone clothing is easy to confuse, and the dress that does not match the sexy underwear size will make the sexy underwear lose its original charm and uniqueness.


Wearing a sexy underwear on the street, it is essentially to withdraw a adaptation to work, life, personal attributes and social attributes, but if you choose to wear sexy underwear in a healthy, confident, beautiful, and sexy wayMake you more charming, increase your inner self -confidence, and gain recognition and respect for yourself and others.

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