Watching AV wearing sexy underwear for free


In recent years, with the rapid development of online technology, various types of video content can be easily found on the Internet.Among them, AV videos have always attracted much attention because of its unique nature.In these videos, women wearing sexy underwear have become a common form of expression.So, what is the charm of the bottom of the AV wearing a sexy underwear?Below we explore this topic from the perspective of sexy, sexy lingerie styles, and European and American sexy underwear.

Sexy and sexy underwear

Sexy is not a single personal attribute, but a feeling caused by external factors.Wearing sexy underwear is a kind of sexy means.The design of sexy underwear most emphasizes women’s body curve and skin touch, allowing women to show the most beautiful and sexy side after putting on underwear.This feeling can meet the visual needs of men, and also allow women to gain confidence and joy when wearing sexy underwear.

Sexy lingerie style

The style of sexy underwear basically contains a variety of different types from low to high, dignified to bold.From the sexy lace tulle style to the more elegant and special Japanese kimono style, from fast -drying and breathable materials to adult toys with specific functions, almost all sexy underwear can provide wearers with different degrees of pleasure and enjoyment.Let’s briefly introduce several classic sexy lingerie styles:


Open underwear is the most classic one in sexy underwear. As the name suggests, its characteristic is that the corner of the skirt can fade away the panties.It usually has elastic hips and comfortable cotton lining, allowing the wearer to feel greater freedom.

Hollow dazzle

Through a certain design, the hollow underwear style allows the body curve of the wearer.It is suitable for women with smooth skin, or wearing in special festivals, such as Valentine’s Day. sexy jelly

The characteristic of fish nets is characterized by its grid design, which can show the body lines of the wearer, and can also cover the areas below the waist and make the curve more prominent.

European and American sexy underwear

European and American sex lingerie has a completely different style from Japanese underwear.They are the main characters with sexy, wild, rebellion and other characteristics, and the overall style is mainly black.At the same time, the style of European and American sexy underwear is mainly sexy, and the materials used are softer and skin -friendly, with high comfort.


Watching AV wearing sexy underwear is not only for sexual liberation and pursuit, but also a visual feast.Of course, we need to look at this phenomenon more rationally, so as to get rid of the obsession with excessive fragmented emotional stimulation.We should learn to balance, avoid visual pursuit as the sole value system, and establish a richer and healthy life concept.

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