What are the boys’ sexy underwear brands

What are the boys’ sexy underwear brands

With the development of society, sexy underwear is no longer the exclusive product of women, and men have begun to wear sexy underwear to enhance their sexual interests in private occasions.So, what are the boys’ sexy underwear brands?I will introduce several well -known brands.

1. Jockey

Jockey is a century -old brand that once mainly produced men’s underwear.Now Jockey has developed a series of sexy underwear suitable for men, such as sexy camisole and transparent triangle panties.

2. Calvin Klein

As a fashion brand, Calvin Klein has become higher and higher in the underwear market.The design style of men’s sex lingerie series is simple and generous, suitable for men of different ages.

3. 2 (x) IST

2 (x) IST underwear brand is also very popular in the male sex lingerie market.The brand is committed to creating a fashionable, sexy, comfortable male sexy underwear.Its main products are sexy briefs and tight vests.

4. Andrew Christian

Andrew Christian is a brand dedicated to providing sexy underwear for men.Its design of the sexy underwear is varied, and it has covered from personalized to romanticism.

5. Malebasics

Malebasics focuses on the design and production of men’s sexy underwear, which mainly focuses on comfort, durability and sexy.In addition to sexy briefs and slings, the brand has also launched transparent tulle and comfortable cotton panties.

6. Gregg Homme

The Gregg Homme brand focuses on the avant -garde and fashionable male sexy underwear, with unique design and avant -garde sexy.Helping men to release themselves, brand products cover all kinds of sexy underwear.

7. Pump!

Pump! It is a Canadian brand. Its sexy sexy underwear is particularly suitable for young men to wear.The product design style is bold and innovative, which enhances the confidence and charm of men.

8. Candyman

The sexy underwear of the Candyman brand often has a bold design, and sometimes it can be related to learning, anthropology and natural elements.Therefore, you need to pay attention to the occasion and your own aesthetics before use.

9. Ruffskin

The designer of the RUFSKIN brand likes to play with color and lines. The sexy underwear launched is more avant -garde in design, bringing more choices to men.

10. Aussiebum

Aussiebum is an Australian company. Its sexy underwear is based on the theme of men’s body. The attractive design style has been sought after by many young men.

in conclusion

The sexy underwear brand introduced above is just the tip of the iceberg in the market. In addition to these popular brands, there are many fashion brands and niche brands that are also creating sexy underwear suitable for men.In short, when buying men’s sexy underwear, we must weigh the styles, comfort and their own aesthetics in order to choose the underwear that suits them and get a stronger experience in sex.

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