What color of sexy underwear is good -looking

Which color of sex underwear is good?

1. White

White sex lingerie is full of purity and freshness, suitable for wearing net red or fresh girls.The disadvantage is that white is easily stained with stains and should not be worn for a long time.

2. Pink

Pink sexy underwear is often regarded as sweet and soft colors, suitable for young girls or girls with bursting girls.The disadvantage is that the color is easy to fade and needs to be carefully maintained.

3. Red

Red erotic lingerie represents passion and fiery, suitable for sexy girls and girls who like lively.It makes women more confident and sexy. The disadvantage is that this color can easily make people feel too bright and not suitable for people who are too shy.

4. Black

Black is a very popular color on many occasions, suitable for women with all kinds of body and temperament.Black -colored underwear is often regarded as a symbol of noble, mysterious and sexy.Wearing black sexy underwear on a dinner or party will make you more charming. The disadvantage is that if the color is sunny for a long time, it will look dull.

5. Blue

Blue sex underwear represents refreshing and calm, suitable for more quiet women to wear.Blue sex underwear has a unique coolness and natural sense, but it is not a good choice for white women, because this color will highlight skin problems.

6. Purple

Purple -colored erotic underwear is relatively rare, but it represents mysterious, noble and elegant, suitable for more mature women to wear.This color will be reminiscent of red wine, perfume and silk. The disadvantage is that this color is not suitable for young girls, and the style is too mature.

7. Gray

Gray erotic underwear represents standard neutral colors, suitable for women who do not like overly bright or too dim women.Gray sexy underwear is easy to mix and match with other colors, which is a more versatile color.

8. fluorescent color

Fluorescent porn underwear is a more emerging trend, most suitable for young people and people who like strong spectrum.The fluorescent pornographic underwear is very eye -catching, but excessive fluorescent colors can easily make people feel tired and dazzling.

9. Gold

Gold porn underwear represents rich and delicate, suitable for women who like to pursue luxury.Gold porn underwear has a jewelry -like luster and luxury, but it is not easy to match clothes, which is suitable for wearing alone.

10. Green

Green erotic underwear represents nature, youth and peace, and is suitable for women who like to maintain nature.Green erotic lingerie has a vibrant feeling. It is natural and unpretentious as the color of grass and trees, but the color is more skinny and suitable for people with white skin.

in conclusion

The colorful lingerie color that is most suitable depends on your personal style, skin color and occasion.If you want to increase sexy and hot feelings, then red and black are the best choices.If you prefer a refreshing and natural feeling, then blue and green are a good choice.If you want to pursue luxury and noble style, you can consider gold or purple.No matter which color you choose, you must choose the colorful underwear color that is best for you according to your personal temperament, skin tone and wear occasion.

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