What does my husband think of me to buy sexy lingerie

What does my husband think of me to buy sexy lingerie


Sexy underwear is a way of expression of freedom of sex for modern women.With the advancement of social concepts, more and more women are willing to try more things in sex.However, buying sexy underwear will make some women feel hesitant and shy for many reasons.So what do you think of women buying sexy underwear?

Understand the classification of love underwear

Before talking about my husband’s view, we need to solve the classification of love underwear first.Interest underwear includes sexy underwear, lace underwear, sling underwear, back underwear, bellybands, stockings, high heels, etc.They have different uses and different styles.

Discuss with my husband

If you want to buy sexy underwear, it is important to discuss with your husband.Husband may need time to adapt and accept this idea.Letting her husband participate in the choice together can not only enhance the interaction between the two, but also avoid embarrassment and indifference.

The role and value of sexy underwear

Some sexy underwear and skin tights are easy to make people feel shy, but there are many beautiful things in sex underwear.They can enhance the emotions between husband and wife, enhance the attractiveness of each other, and improve the fun of sex.

Respect for personal gender concept

Everyone’s views, preferences, and pursuit of sex are different.Therefore, when you choose sexy underwear, you should respect your gender concept and take care of the needs and preferences of your husband.In the process of choice, I suggest you and your husband to choose a solution that both sides are satisfactory.

Communicate your own needs

If you want to try something different, but your husband is unwilling or not interested, it is recommended not to force your own wishes.It is very important to continue to talk and convey your own needs.Only under the premise that each other can respect each other’s opinions and needs, can the relationship between you become more harmonious and happy.

Make sex underwear a surprise

When you buy sexy underwear, don’t forget to make it a surprise.Try not to discuss the details with your husband too much, so that you will be surprised and enjoyable when your husband appreciates and enjoy.At the appropriate time, you can try to give sexy underwear as "welfare" to your husband, and make this process a new desire for sexual relationships between you.

Don’t ignore the self -confidence you wear

The improvement of wearing self -confidence can not only allow you to show your charm better, but also help you expand your enjoyment faster.When you wear a fun underwear, keep your mind relaxing and balanced, which can better allow you to achieve what you want.

The importance of gentle language

In sexual relationships, language is very important.Some gentle language and sweet expression can make the other half feel more loved and noticed.Therefore, when wearing sexy underwear for sexual behavior, proper use of gentle language and body detail expression can enhance the feelings between husband and wife and improve sexual pleasure.

Look at the problem from another angle

Everyone’s attitude and views on things are different.When talking about sexy underwear, you may wish to look at the problem from another angle.Let yourself stand on your husband more, so that it is easier for you to understand and accept their views and feedback.


In short, sexual life is a very important thing between two people.When buying sexy underwear and using sexy underwear, it is recommended that husband and wife respect and understand each other, cater to each other, and frankly communicate and convey their own needs and desires.Make sex a round -trip and emotional rounds between the two husbands and wives, and find new possibilities in constantly trying and exploring.

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