What is the strip encoding of sexy underwear

What is a messy lingerie code?

Fun underwear strip coding refers to a coding method based on barcode technology to distinguish between different styles, colors, sizes and other sexy underwear products.This encoding method uses the advantages of barcode technology, which can realize the characteristics of automatic recognition, efficient, fast, accurate, and not easy to make errors.

What is the role of erotic lingerie coding?

The main role of sexy lingerie -shaped coding is to facilitate management, helping merchants identify and manage sexy underwear products such as different styles, colors, sizes.In warehousing, sales, logistics and other links, merchants can obtain product information by scanning strip -shaped coding, realizing automation and accurate business processes, improving work efficiency, and reducing human errors.

What is the format of sexy lingerie codes?

Fun underwear coding usually uses the EAN13 standard format, which is composed of 13 digits. The first three digits represent the international code, followed by manufacturer code and product code, and the last one is the verification code.For example, the strip code of a sexy underwear is 6901234567899.

What is the difference between sexy lingerie coding and barcode?

The essence of sexy underwear strips is the same as the barcode, and the barcode technology is used, but their application scenarios are different.Fun underwear strips are designed for the management and identification of sexy underwear products, which are only used inside, while the standard barcode is suitable for the management and recognition of various products, which can be used outside.

How many sexual underwear codes are there?

The types of erotic lingerie codes are related to the style of sexy lingerie. Different brands, different styles, sizes, colors, etc. all need different strip -shaped codes.Under normal circumstances, each sex underwear product has a unique strip -shaped code to facilitate distinction and management.

What is the advantage of sexy lingerie coding?

The advantages of sexy lingerie coding are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Quick and accurate: Fun underwear coding uses barcode technology, which can realize fast and accurate information recognition and transmission.

Easy to manage: Correctly recognizing the erotic lingerie -shaped coding can make merchants recognize and manage sexy underwear products such as different styles, colors, and sizes more convenient.

Automation and efficiency: The application of sexy underwear codes can automatically identify and accurately classify, realize business process automation, and improve work efficiency.

How to use a sexy lingerie code correctly?

The following points need to be paid attention to using sexy underwear codes correctly:

Standard specifications: Correctly understanding and using sexy underwear coding need to comply with standard specifications, especially the formats and verification codes of strip -shaped codes.

System settings: Merchants need to set up erotic underwear -shaped parameters in the system, such as styles, colors, sizes, etc., so that the system can automatically match, identify and manage different interesting underwear products.

Scanning identification: In warehousing, sales, logistics and other links, merchants need to use barcode scanners to scan and identify sexy underwear -shaped codes to obtain product information and realize business process automation.

What are the misunderstandings of sexy lingerie coding?

When using a sexy underwear -shaped code, the following misunderstandings are prone to:

It is believed that the strip encoding is the same as the barcode: the sexual collars coding and the standard barcode are different, and you need to understand and use it correctly.

Ignore specifications: The correct use of sexy lingerie codes requires compliance with standard specifications, and ignoring the specification standards are prone to misunderstandings.

Set coding parameters at will: Merchants need to set up sexy lingerie -shaped encoding related parameters in the system, but setting at will easily lead to system confusion and affect business processes.

What is the future development trend of erotic lingerie codes?

With the continuous development and application of science and technology, sexy lingerie codes will gradually realize digital, intelligent, and paperless management models.Merchants will use big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies to achieve more efficient, comprehensive and accurate management of sexy lingerie -shaped codes, and improve work efficiency and business quality.


Interesting underwear codes are an indispensable tool for managing sexy underwear products. Correct understanding and using sexy underwear codes can help improve the work efficiency and quality of merchants to manage sexy underwear products.

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