What should I do if I am sorry for sexy underwear?

What is sexy underwear?

Interest underwear is a specially designed underwear. The purpose is to make the wearer feel sexy, confident and tease.Sex underwear usually uses transparent, carved, lace, leather and other materials to show the body curve and skin of the wearer, and sometimes it is matched with other elements, such as bow, streaming, rivets, etc. to enhance their cuteness and attractiveness.And this kind of underwear sometimes makes women feel embarrassed and uncomfortable, so what should I do if I am embarrassed?

Know your body

First of all, it is very important to understand your body.Knowing your body type can help you choose a sexy underwear that suits you.For example, if you are not confident in your chest, you can choose underwear with thick or chest pads to increase the size of the chest and erectness to make yourself feel more confident and comfortable.

Choose a style that suits you

Choosing a style that suits you can make you feel more comfortable.There are many different styles of sexy underwear, such as pajamas, bra, and briefs.Choose comfortable, good quality, and sexy underwear that can make you feel more confident and comfortable.

Adapt slowly

If you have not worn sex underwear, it is recommended that you start wearing from a simple style.For example, bra and briefs are a relatively basic choice.At the same time, you can also choose underwear with lower transparency to gradually adapt.In the process of dressing, slowly adapt to and adjust, and in the end you can feel the confidence and self -challenge that sexy underwear brings to you.

Choose the occasion that suits you

When choosing a sexy underwear, you need to consider it carefully.Not all occasions are suitable for wearing sexy underwear, such as some grand or formal occasions.But at special celebrations, sexy gatherings or romantic weekends, wearing sexy underwear can enhance the atmosphere and make yourself and your partner feel more intimate and interesting.

Self -affirmation

Interest underwear is not only to meet the visual needs of men, but more importantly, making women feel more confident and sexy.When wearing a sexy underwear, it must be very important.Believe in your beauty and attractiveness, don’t worry too much, happiness, confidence and sexy are the meaning of sexy underwear.

Choose a size that suits you

Selecting sexy underwear suitable for your size is more important than choosing styles.The wrong size will make you feel uncomfortable and may affect your confidence and dress.Therefore, you need to carefully measure your size and choose a size suitable for you to ensure the quality and comfort of the underwear.

Seek professional services

If you have difficulty in choosing, it is recommended to try to seek professional advice and services.Professionals can recommend sexy underwear suitable for you according to your needs and physical characteristics.This can make your choice more reasonable and comfortable.


The group wearing sexy underwear is not limited to Xiaohua, Girl and Loli.In fact, any woman can wear sexy underwear regardless of age, body shape and occupation.You can even wear underwear at home to enjoy your own time and self -confidence.

Keep cleaning

Finally, keeping clean and hygiene is a necessary condition for wearing sexy underwear.Underwear not only requires frequent cleaning and replacement, but also needs special attention to use and maintenance.Correct maintenance and cleaning your sexy underwear can increase your health and comfort.

In short, wearing sexy underwear requires a little courage and confidence.Choose the style, occasion and size that suits you, slowly adapt and adjust, and maintain self -affirmation and cleanliness. In the end, you can feel the self -confidence and self -challenge that the sexy lingerie brings to you.

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