Where is the sexy underwear for Kaili

Where is the sexy underwear for Kaili

Interesting underwear, as the name suggests, is a sexy, interesting underwear.As one of the most popular fashion items of women, sexy underwear has become a well -deserved sexy representative. It is favored by many women. There are also many sexy underwear stores in the Kaili market. This article will introduce where Kaili has sex underwear.

1. Avril Errine Instead Underwear Shop

Avril sexy underwear shop, located at 112 Garden Road, Kaili City, is one of the well -known sexy underwear shops in Kaili. The shops are spacious and there are various series of sexy underwear, sexy underwear, adult toys, etc.Novel and fashionable style is a good choice for female consumers to choose sexy underwear.

2. Mai Li Fei Intellectual underwear

Mai Li Fei Interesting Underwear is a new sexy underwear brand in Kaili City. It is located at 176 Wanyuan North Road, Kaili City. The store area is also quite spacious.Its fun underwear style is novel, personalized, and unique in style, suitable for female customers who like to be different.

3. Xiangdi sexy underwear shop

The Xiangdi sex lingerie store is located on the 3rd floor of the Galien City Shopping Plaza in the Central Commercial Area of Kairy City.The store runs various female underwear, sexy underwear and other items. It has a variety of styles and rich styles, suitable for female consumers of various types of body types.

4. Sexy angel sex lingerie shop

Sexy angel sex lingerie store is located next to Fuze Beijian, East District, Kaili City, and is located in the bustling commercial district of the urban area with excellent geographical location.The store runs various women’s underwear, sexy underwear and other items. It has a variety of styles and rich styles.

5. Edil sexy underwear shop

Edil’s sex lingerie store is located on the north road of Wenhua Avenue, the central commercial area of Kaili City. The store is exquisitely decorated and the environment atmosphere is warm. It is suitable for couples to come and buy together.The sexy lingerie in the store is rich in style, suitable for all kinds of female consumers.

6. Authentic European and American Instead Underwear Shop

Authentic European and American Instead underwear is located next to the capital of Gui’an New District, Beijing Road, Kaili City. The stores are spacious and comfortable.Become a favorite choice for customers.

7. Taoyuan Interesting Underwear Shop

Taoyuan Infusion Lingerie is located at No. 39 Cultural Road in Kaili City. The shop is decorated with unique decoration and unique style, showing a variety of different sexy lingerie styles and sexual products.Here, customers can find a variety of luxurious and high -end sexy underwear, and enjoy professional tailor -made styles and comfortable dressing experiences.

8. Solo show sexy underwear shop

Du Xiu’s sexy underwear store is located at No. 36 Kangyi North Road, Kaili City. The environment is comfortable and warm.The update of the product in the store is fast, always providing customers with the latest and best sexy lingerie styles.

9. Central Mall

The central mall is one of the largest commercial complexes in Kaili City. It is located opposite the Golden Sun Plaza. At present, a number of sexy underwear brand stores have been opened, including Avril’s sexy underwear store, Mai Lifei sexy underwear, Xiangdi sexy underwear shopWait, customers can choose their favorite sexy underwear products here.

10. Vietnamese market

The sexy underwear shop located in the Carey Vietnam market has a lot of sexy underwear that covers different styles, and the price is also very close to the people. It is a good choice for many young women to buy sexy underwear.


From the above -mentioned erotic lingerie store address distribution and introduction to the sexy underwear in the store, it can be seen that Kaili City has a number of sexy underwear stores sold in the city.Suitable for female consumers’ preferences and needs.Overall, no matter which corner you are in Kaili, there will always be a sexy underwear shop that belongs to you.

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