Where to buy the sexy underwear in AV

Interesting underwear in av

In AV, sexy underwear is an important prop. They can increase visual stimuli and make people sexually impulsive.There are many types of sexy underwear, from simple bra and underwear to complex sexy clothes and whole body net clothes.So, where can I buy these sexy underwear?

Sex store

Sexual stores are a choice for buying sexy underwear.These stores are usually located in the central or sexual industrial area of the city.These stores sell adults, such as sexy underwear, sex toys, DVDs, magazines, etc.They usually have professional knowledge and rich inventory, which can provide customers with good suggestions and recommendations.However, you need to be careful when shopping, because these stores may feel embarrassed, and sometimes the price is more expensive.

online shop

In the modern world, buying goods through the Internet has become more and more common.Many sex shops sell sexy underwear and other adults online.These online stores usually provide extensive choices and low prices.However, before buying, you need to ensure that the store is legitimate and trusted, and client comments before reading to understand the quality of the product.

Brand official website

Many sexy underwear brands have their own official website. Buying sexy underwear on these websites can ensure the quality and authenticity of the product.Brand official websites usually provide professional suggestions and product information and provide after -sales service.However, some brands may not sell products directly on their own website, but guide customers to their dealers.

Large retail store

Many large retail stores now provide sexy underwear and sexual supplies, such as WAL-MART, TARGET and Amazon.Buying sexy underwear in these stores can get cheaper prices than other ways, and the shopping experience is more comfortable than many sex stores.However, these stores usually lack professional knowledge and inventory options, and may feel embarrassed.

Private sales and second -hand markets

Buying sexy underwear in private sales and second -hand markets may be a cheaper choice, but you need to be careful.These sales may be illegal and unsafe, and sexy underwear may have been used.If you choose this method, you must check the products carefully to ensure its quality and hygiene conditions.

Personalized customization

Some people may want to make their own sexy underwear to meet personalized needs.In this case, it is very important to find a professional craftsman or clothing designer.These craftsmen can provide professional suggestions and assist in designing and making a unique sexy underwear.However, personalized customization is often higher and it takes longer.

Brand Exhibition and Expo

Many sexy underwear brands show their products on various expo, exhibitions and festivals.Buying sexy underwear at these activities can get better discount prices, and have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and design.However, these exhibitions may not often take extra travel time and costs.

Customized platform

Some platforms have uploaded users’ needs to the platform, and then let craftsmen or manufacturers make custom -made sex underwear.These platforms include ETSY, Zibbet, Wish, etc.These platforms can provide cheaper prices because they usually cooperate with third -party manufacturers.However, the consistency of quality and design may not be guaranteed.

Comprehensive replacement platform

There are some comprehensive purchase platforms to buy second -hand sexy underwear, such as Thredup and Poshmark.These platforms can provide cheaper prices, but they need to choose cautiously to ensure the quality and hygiene conditions of sexy underwear.


No matter what kind of purchase method you choose, you should do your homework before buying sexy underwear to ensure that they are high -quality, safe and hygienic.

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