Why do you see sexy underwear wet


Interest underwear is an exciting, pleasant, sexy clothing.But why do you feel humid when you see sexy underwear?This article will analyze this problem for you.

body language

Humans are a social animal. The way we communicate with others are not limited to language.Our body language can convey our emotions and intentions.When we see sexy underwear, the body language may become sensitive and sexy, which will stimulate our body.

Visual stimulus

Sex underwear is usually made of a variety of materials, with some perspective or extremely sexy styles.The texture of these materials, the effect of perspective, and the exposed parts can easily cause our visual stimuli and make us feel excited.

Adrenaline secretion

When we are excited, our brain will release adrenaline, causing the body to enter a "fighting or escape" mode.In this state, our heartbeat and breathing accelerate, and the body sweats a lot, giving people a moist feeling, which exacerbates our feelings of sexy underwear.

Rising sexual desire

Seeing sexy underwear can cause our sexual desire and increase our sexual desire excitement.This excitement may make us feel more secretion than usual, leading to a moist feeling.

Psychological stimulus

The information conveyed by sexy underwear is: I am sexy, I am very confident, I want to share this moment with others.This kind of information can make us feel an immersive feeling and a sense of self -satisfaction, which makes us happy and happy.


When we see erotic underwear, we often think of our sexual experience or ideal partner. This idea will also affect our sexual desire and physical response, making us feel moist.

Social factors

Seeing others wearing erotic underwear may make us feel similar.We will feel the sexy and self -confidence of others and want to get the same experience.This is also one of the sources of moist feeling.

Accept sexy self

When we reveal our body, we will feel sexy and confident, which can stimulate our sexual desire and make us feel moist.

High expectations

Seeing erotic underwear, we will set various expectations in our hearts, such as getting pleasure, joy, satisfaction, etc.This expectation may make us excitement and make us feel moist.

in conclusion

Seeing that sexy underwear can make people feel moist, many of which are just a collective physical response.Our body response is not only biology, but also involves our psychological, emotional and social factors.Falling underwear makes us feel sexy and pleasant, make us immersive, get high expectations and enjoy a good experience.This is why the sexy underwear is so attractive.

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