Why is my wife unwilling to wear sexy underwear

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is a type of clothing that has become more and more popular in recent years. It can not only stimulate the romance and passion between couples, but also bring different previous sex experiences.Nevertheless, some women are still unwilling to wear them.So, why is my wife unwilling to wear sexy underwear?Below, I will analyze the reasons and propose a solution.

2. Misunderstanding of sexy underwear

Many women have misunderstandings about sexy underwear, thinking that they are vulgar and vulgar costumes, and are only suitable for sex workers and adultery.This wrong impression comes from the influence of some media and culture, but this is not the case.Interest underwear can be very elegant and elegant. Their design and fabrics can also be very delicate and soft, which can reflect the sexy and charm of women, not insignificant and inferior.

3. Unconfident in your own figure

Due to the influence of media and society, many women have a unconfident attitude towards their figure.They think they have no perfect figure, and they cannot wear sexy underwear to express their beauty.But in fact, each woman has its own uniqueness, which is unique.The size of the sexy underwear is very diverse and can adapt to a variety of different figures and body shapes. As long as you choose the style and size that suits you, you can show your beauty.

4. Attitude and concept of sex

Some women are unwilling to wear interest underwear because they have a conservative attitude and concept of sex.They think that sex is a private behavior and does not require external interference and intervention.However, in close relationships, sex is an important way to communicate and express love. Interest underwear can enhance and stimulate the passion and interest of both parties, and improve the quality and effect of sex.

5. Worried about the way of wear

Some women are unwilling to wear fun underwear because they are worried that it will have a bad impact and impression on others.They think that wearing erotic underwear can make others feel unwilling, frivolous, and disrespect for themselves.However, wearing erotic underwear is only carried out in their own private space, and people from the outside world will not know how they wear.In addition, wearing sexy underwear is only part of sex, not all, and should not be exaggerated and degraded.

6. Consider cost

Some women are unwilling to wear sexy underwear because they are more expensive than ordinary underwear.However, the price of sexy underwear is relatively reasonable, which can fully reflect their sexy and noble.In addition, for some women who want to try sex underwear, they can also choose some products with low prices and good quality and quality.

7. The issue of cooperating with attitude

In some couple relationships, some women are unwilling to wear sexy underwear because they do not get the understanding and cooperation of men.Men should respect the wishes and choices of women, and cannot force or induce women to wear sexy underwear.Only on the basis of both sides can play the role and effect of sexy underwear.

8. Don’t know the brand and style

Some women are unwilling to wear fun underwear because they do not understand the choice of brands and styles.For different women, the brand and style that suits them are also different.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you should choose a sexy underwear that suits you according to your body, temperament, personality, and needs. Do not blindly follow the trend or choose at will.

9. Not familiar with wearing skills

For some women, wearing erotic underwear also requires some skills and tricks.For example, choose the appropriate underwear size, pay attention to the texture and fabric of the underwear, and keep it comfortable and confident when wearing, and don’t be too restrained and nervous.In addition, women can also choose some accessories, such as stockings, high heels, earrings, etc. to increase the effect and beauty of sexy underwear.

10. Conclusion

Why is my wife unwilling to wear sexy underwear?It is not because of the problem of sexy underwear itself, but because some women have misunderstandings, unconfident, conservative, worried and other attitudes and ideas.To solve these problems, we need to strengthen women’s erotic lingerie education and training, so that they can solve the true meaning and role of affectionate underwear, wear them confidently, and enjoy the happiness and happiness of sex.

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