Xi’an Sexual Expo now Interest Underwear Show

Xi’an Sexual Expo now Interest Underwear Show

In a large -scale exhibition hall in Xi’an recently, the annual sexual expo is being held.This activity usually attracts many audiences to participate.In particular, this year’s Sexual Expo has attracted many sexy underwear brands to participate in the exhibition and shows their latest sexy underwear series.

Hot mom put on a sexy and beautiful sexy underwear

In the most eye -catching position, a long runway is set up.Many models show the latest styles of sexy underwear brands on it.There are many types and many.Especially in the model, many hot moms show the styles of these underwear.People instantly accelerate their heartbeat.

Large -scale sexy underwear also available

Interestingly, the unexpected sexy underwear models are usually those slim and tall girls.However, the manufacturers participating in the exhibition this year also considers the needs of some large size consumer households.Therefore, a series of large -scale sexy lingerie also appeared in the sexy underwear series, and some brands are specifically targeted at large size groups.

Sports car underwear performance

At other stalls, a brand is also showing a very novel sexy underwear -automatic sports (sports car) underwear.The sports car underwear can be worn while riding, driving and running at night, or you can wear it during daily activities.It is also equipped with wireless headphones, and you can switch the music you need by thinking control.

Western elements are integrated into sexy underwear

Many sexy underwear brands have also tried to integrate some Western elements into sexy underwear.For example, integrating silver metal jewelry with underwear makes the entire underwear look more high -end.At the same time, these accessories can also add some excitement in the right place.

3D silk printing to create realistic effects

As one of the most distinctive aspects of sexy underwear brands, 3D silk seal has been warmly welcomed because of its vivid and realistic effects.But at this year’s expo, 3D silk seal will be upgraded.It can be printed on various materials such as silk, spandex, and even cotton, and can achieve amazing effects.

The use of beads and crystals

In addition to the innovation in details, the sexy underwear brand also focuses on changes in materials.For example, this year’s sexy underwear has applied beads and crystals in many places.Beads and crystals are not only more high -end in texture, but also visually impact.

Unique and thoughtful material in material

Some erotic underwear brands focus on material research.Some brands create a fascinating sexy underwear style by fusion of metal wire, fluorescent materials, transparency and other materials.

Suggestive design

Fun underwear brands spend a lot of effort on design details.From embroidery to lace, from stimulating color to various element design.These details not only reflect the designer’s imagination, but also show the implicit design of sexy underwear.


In the design of sexy underwear brand, personalization has become a major trend.Even in traditional cities like Xi’an, sexy underwear is becoming more and more popular.Therefore, we also need to continue to explore in brand design and publicity to better meet the needs of consumers.

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