Yan Panpan Giant Dragon Instead of Inner Weish

Who is Yan Panpan?

Yan Panpan, born in 1992, is a Chinese model and self -media person.She rose on the Internet with her sexy and hot beauty and busty figure, and thus won a large number of fans.In the field of sexy underwear, Yan Panpan has its own brand and launched many sexy lingerie styles that are deeply loved by women.

The effect of busty sexy underwear

The most significant effect of busty lingerie is to shape women’s plump and sexy chest lines, making women more confident, charming, and seductive when wearing.In addition, busty sexy underwear can also improve blood circulation in the chest, maintain the shape of the breast, and make the chest healthier.

Yan Panpan’s Giant Milk Welling Lingerie Series

In the sexy underwear series launched by Yan Panpan, busty underwear is even more popular.This series of underwear styles is simple and generous, with smooth lines. At the same time, high elastic materials are used to effectively improve the chest and create a perfect chest line, making women in underwear more confident and charm.

Style introduction: Triangle tailoring big breasts sexy underwear

Triangular cut -type busty busty lingerie cups are triangular, suitable for women with natural breast types.Its chest pads belong to the medium thickness, no steel ring design, and more comfortable to wear.At the same time, cup types, shoulder straps, and straps are modified with thin network cables, which has a more fashionable beauty.

Style introduction: lace -type busty sexy lingerie

Lace -type big breasts sex underwear uses soft and sweet lace patterns, making the overall underwear more sexy and charming.In terms of design, the chest pad adopts a thin charging design, which effectively improves the chest lines, supports the chest shape, and has no steel ring at the same time, which is more comfortable.

Style Introduction: Shoulder straps, giant milk sexy underwear

The giant breasts of the shoulder -shaped straps use exquisite pearl patterns, which gives women an elegant and noble temperament.For the details of the shoulder, a design with a surface width is greater than thin, making the shoulder strap more suitable for the shoulder lines, and it is not easy to fall off during the wear process.

Choose the skills of giant milk and sexy underwear

When choosing a giant breasts, you should pay attention to the matching of the bust and cup type.The underwear you buy must be appropriate. Do not be too loose nor too tight.At the same time, pay attention to whether the underwear is breathable, comfortable, and whether there are allergic reactions.

Skills of maintaining big breasts sexy underwear

Big breasts are a relatively special underwear, and the method of wearing is relatively unique.In terms of maintenance, you must pay attention to cleaning before you wear it. The material determines that it needs to be washed by hand. Use a neutral cleaning agent for cleaning. Do not use a powerful detergent.

in conclusion

Yan Panpan’s Giant Milk Welling Underwear Series has many classic styles, suitable for women of different figures and chest shapes.When choosing underwear, you can choose different styles according to your own needs.At the same time, in terms of dressing and maintenance, you should also pay attention to details so that the underwear is always in the best state.

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